Satisfied Customer's Letters


These letters were written to me by a few of my satisfied customers. Sorry, but I just could not list them all here at this time. I thank each one of my customers from the bottom of my heart and hope that I can continue the wonderful friendship that we have come to share, in this wonderful sport of ours called FLY FISHING!.

- Andy



		I had a great time on the San Juan last weekend the yountube video was awesome. 
		It"s great to get to show my dad what he missed by not coming on the trip
		this year. Maybe I'll get to bring him later on in the year. Keep up the good work!

		Tyler Phillips

		Hi Brother Andy,

		I just got home and I have viewed the pictures you sent by e-mail. A great job-Thank
		you so much. Andy, I'm so sorry that I forgot to give you a tip for your excellent
		service. How is the best way for me to send some money to you?

		Thank you,
		Pastor Mel Sumrall


		Thanks for fishing with us last Tuesday, was fun.


		Hi Andy,

		I went to Beavers Bend Oklahoma to fish last weekend and I caught 110 fish in 21/2 day.
		It was awesome!! I used size 22 Yong Midge pattern all weekend long with different
		colors. At the beginning I could not land the fish but with little practice I started
		to landed them easily. I even landed a couple of 16 inches (my biggest fish so far)
		Thank you for all of your advice....

		Also, could you recommend me a reel for 3wt rod (not an expensive but a good one)?

		Thank you,
		Atlihan Binoz

		Hi Andy,

		Thank you so much for sending the pics! You have been a great friend and I'm proud to
		say I've known you for 20 years. I really appreciate all the fishing tips and fly 
		selections over the years. Actually catching fish is a lot more fun than just
		"fishing" for them. It feels pretty cool to be catching more fish than the other guys
		fishing in the same water I am.

		I'm glad the referral worked out for you. Brian and Rocky were some nice guys and they
		really wanted to learn to master the Juan. Thanks for taking care of them.

		Next time I come up, I would love to be your camera man for your guide trips. Believe
		it or not, I am pretty good with a camera and it would free you up to actually be in
		the pics/videos with your customers and their trophy fish. You could be the only guide
		on the river that could send your customers full length videos of their experience.

		In between shots, I could be fishing quietly near by and, by listening to you teach
		your customers, I could be learning more about the world famous AK fly fishing system.


		Thanks for coming to the Almont Resort. Great website.
		Thanks Harold Seiff
		The Almont Resort


		Nice photos and video, thanks for the great day. Not too often that you will get all
		3 of us together to fish.

		In the meantime, take care and good fishing.

		Tom Barber


		You probably don't remember me, but I spent a great day with you on the San Juan a few
		years back. My wife and I will be in Telluride in early July and would like to fish
		with you. What days would be available the week of July 12. We'd drive down for a half
		day session. I'll call you next week After Easter.

		Looking forward to seeing you again. What great fish you put me on!!

		Tom Birdwell, MD, Pensacola Fl

		Hi Andy,

		Thank you again for two great days on the San Juan. Having you instruct Nate and David
		on their very first ever experience fly fishing was truly memorable. The fact that they
		had never held or cast with a fly rod before, but were able to start catching trout
		immediately, was a real eye opener for them. Both commented that they were literally
		surrounded by more experienced anglers, "but we were the ones catching the most fish!"
		Having personally had the same experience, as you continue to teach me, is an example
		that the correct flies makes a HUGE difference. When Nate caught his large rainbow,there
		was an angler looking on, who had just stepped out of the river, who had just finished
		fishing in about the same area. When he heard this was Nathan and David's first day fly
		fishing ever, he said, "It took me seven years fly fishing before I caught a fish that

		Another interesting experience was early on, when my "boys" (adult men with seven young
		children between them) started catching fish within 15 minutes of stepping into Kiddy
		Hole. There were others fishing near by who weren't catching. When you were going back
		and forth between your two novices to land their more than ten double hookups in short
		succession, I went back to my truck to get another net. Fortunately, we were only 100
		yards from the parking area and it was before 9:30 AM. When I got back to the truck,
		there was a fellow rigging up his rod who looked up and asked, "Are you done for the
		day?" I said, "No, my first time fly fishing sons are catching so many fish, we need
		more landing nets!" I am sure he thought I was in my "fish story liar" mode and was
		saying to himself, "RIGHT"! Later that afternoon, I recognized him fishing near us,
		when we were still doing most of the catching by a magnitude of five or six to one and
		we smiled broadly at each other.

		The experience for me was one of forced independence and self reliance when you were
		helping your truly novice clients. My sight fishing nymphing and expecially my dry fly
		success were frankly surprising. I guess it is like learning to ride a bike, Eventually
		the training wheels come off and you discover that you dad isn't still running along
		side holding you up by the back of the seat.
		And thanks for making us famous by adding our trip to your YouTube video clips. I'll
		see you in July when I bring my entomologist son, Matt Terry, to fish with you. He has
		been fly fishing before, but hopefully hasn't developed too many bad habits for you to

		Bill, Nathan and David Woolf
		Mesa and Gilbert Arizona

		Fishing was good. Very good dry fly on the Roaring Fork. Just got back today, I-70 was
		closed for last several days due to rock slide.

		Fished Sunday on the Frying Pan with nymphs. Fished a couple days on the RF with some
		dry flies. Midges were coming off from about 11:00 to 2:00, fished Andy's Candy midge
		size 22 and 24. Had a great time while they were hatching. They would take when I got
		good drift. Nothing like AC midge. Most of the fish on the RF were browns, about 12 to
		14 inches. Fun!

		John was there on Sunday and Richard came over for a couple of days. How's work? I'm sure
		SJ is fishing excellent for you. Talk with you later.


		Shirt came in today, beautiful shirt, great color and nice needle work. I'll wear it with
		pride! It is a little big but not that bad, sleeves are perfect. I'd rather have it to
		big than to small. Thanks again for including me, keep on rockin.
		mike k. from denver

		Can you please send me the photos you took of Jay and I fishing last week.
		The You Tube is great!
		Thanks for the experience.


		Hi Andy,

		Once again it was a pleasure meeting you and fishing with you (i.e. learning all the proper things
		about fly fishing).

		It took me 11 hours to get home. I took I-40 thru Flagstaff rather than go thru show Lo. I was too
		tired to drive through the mountains. I appreciate you emailing me any photos you took. I will be in
		touch sometime in two weeks to firm up our plans.
		Saad Zara

		Hello Mr. Kim!

		Wow! Thank-you for the in-depth reply! I didn't mean to cause you so much typing, but I am happy that
		you chose to do so!

		Not sure where I found your recipe, but you can bet I'm on a search for that Fly Fisherman issue from
		10 years back! I hope to see more photos of your creations and maybe learn what colors and body shapes
		would work best on My East Tennessee Rivers.

		Thanks again and if I tie Yong Special that I am *extra* proud of I will send you a photo of it for
		All the best and we hope to see you again next year.

		Daniel Leinart Freeman

		Hey Andy,

		It has been years since my father, George, and I fished with you on the SJ. I hope all is well with
		you! I saw some years ago that you finally gave up the secret recipe for the YS fly in Fly Fisherman
		magazine. That fly is the best fly ever for imitating midge pupa. I have used it exclusively on many
		of the tailwaters here in CA and it out produces everything else. Anyway, it is no surprise to you I
		am sure.

		Well, I am happy to tell you that I left my corporate life about 10 years ago and got into the fly
		fishing industry. My first entry into the industry was as a guide. I built a very successful guide
		service on the Northern CA rivers (Yuba, American, Feather, Stanislaus, and Mokelumne Rivers) guiding
		about 200 days a year. Then, about 5 years ago I began my fly fishing travel business and have been
		booking clients all over the world for fishing adventures. My days fishing with you inspired my
		interest in this great sport and now I am happy to call it my profession. It has been about a decade
		now in this industry and I can say that I am happy than ever pursuing my passion. Also, I am married
		and have our first baby on the way (due in May).

		Anyway, I just wanted to say HI to you and wish you well.My father and I still talk about our great
		days of fishing with you. We plan to make a return visit sometime in the next year and will give you
		a call to book a few days on the SJ. Well, take care and good fishing to you!

		Keith Kaneko
		Angling On The Fly

		Dear Andrew,

		I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the
		Recommendation: "I found Andy through an article in one of the flyfishing publications and hired him
		for a day at Navajo Dam on the San Juan. Let's just say it was a fishing life altering experience. I
		have never since experienced a guide that could put you on fish and after fish, catch fish with the
		precision of a sniper and teach you how to do it on your own. I have sent a number of friends traveling
		in the area to Andy with the same results. Get in shape before you go it'll be a day you won't want
		to stop and you won't forget - I haven't and it's probably 10+ years since we first meet. What a
		character too!" Service Category: Doctor Year first hired: 1997 Top Qualities: Great Results,
		Personable, Expert

		Craig Mckay

		Hi Andy,

		Bonnie and I wanted to thank you for another great trip! Bonnie and I both caught fish by seeing them
		take the fly this past week. Thanks again for all the great lessons and super flies. The improved yong
		special and improved young flasher where the ticket! Bonnie wants me to add she really feels like she
		made a big leap in her fishing skills with everything you taught her last Monday. Fishing with you is
		the really makes a great trip on the San Juan.

		Thanks again,
		Fred and Bonnie

		Hi Andy,

		Here is Jay the golf pro who lives in Germany. How's your game? I will be at the river the 4th of November.
		I will have my girlfriend with me and she has never fished ever. I would be honored if you could teach
		her. You are by far the best guide in the history of fly fishing. We could also play some golf and I
		could give you a bit of help along the way. How are things looking at this time of year?
		Let me know if you have time and interest..
		Talk to you soon

		All the best

		Hi Andy,

		Thanks for another great day. I appreciate the time that we spent with you. Thanks for working with
		Dan on his nymphing technique. Could I ask you to forward me the picture of me sitting on the bank
		holding the big fish I caught on a dry fly?

		All the best and we hope to see you again next year.

		Hey Andy,

		This was my third, or fourth time with you, and it was probably the best. I really appreciate you
		showing my brother, and nephew the ropes.I knew if I got them with you, the trip would be great, and
		it was. My nephew had only caught a couple of troutin his life, and has fished the Juan without any
		luck about 20 times, my brother had never caught one, or even handled a fly rod, and came from Georgia
		to go with me. They both were catching fish within 15 minutes, and both said it was a trip of a lifetime.
		The look on their faces, and the stories they told, are worth everything to me. We hooked or caught
		probably 50 fish the first day, and the 20+ incher he caught is still being talked about, and to top
		it off, my brother and I caught, or hooked about the same the second day without you, while nobody
		around us was catching anything both days. It just goes to show that I'am learning, even if you think
		I am hard headed. It is all in the great flies you tie, and the presentation you taught us. I will
		be in touch with you again, as soon as I can get my wife, and daughter up there. Thanks for being a
		great teacher with patience, and thanks for being a professional in every sense of the word.

		See ya soon
		Lee Christmas


		We had a lot of fun and thanks for the teaching. The next morning wasn't as good but, oh well. What
		do I owe you for the flies and where should I send the check. Look forward to a seminar soon, when is
		a good time?


		Hi Andy

		Thanks for helping me with my fly fishing on the San Juan on Thursday. It was an enjoyable day.

		Thanks again.
		Dan Steinman (Chicago)

		Hi Andy

		Good to see you and thanks for your help in trying to teach us to fish. I might try to come out in March
		or April. Hope to see you when you come to LA.

		Thanks Again,


		Thanks for the great photos and the very helpful fishing session with you. I did not have the same
		success after you left but over the next few days but I caught several very nice trout. I particularly
		enjoyed fishing the Middle Flats and some of the other areas that I did not know existed.


		Claire and I would like to thank you again for a great day of fishing. We fished on Friday by ourselves
		and it wasn't as productive. We expected that. We did catch fish just not as many. I caught the biggest
		on the dry fly.

		Paul and Claire

		Andy	went up to the blue, i haven't really fished it, caught a small one on a blood up by bridge. water
		was really low, i found a nice little hole in back of 7-11, i put the same ak-47 on i used at yampa
		[ size 18 ] i saw like 7 dif fish rise, i casted to each one, everyone came after it. i must be doing
		something right . i landed only one. i missed them all. once i learn to hook them i would have caught
		7 fish in 30 mins. same as timing is late..ill figure it out!!! you told me once, thats
		the main fly you use in summer time... now i know why ... AK-47 rules !!!!!!!!!
		mike k. from denver

		Hi Andy

		We just got back from our fishing trip. Spent some quality time in solitude catching nice brown trout
		on dries at the Conejo River. The day after we saw you, we went back to the same spot at Upper Flats.
		I caught 8 nice ones in the s l o w water on Yong Specials...caught onto the subtle takes without the
		indicator going down..just stopping slightly. We enjoyed having dinner with you. Let us know when you
		come to L.A.

		Best fishes,


		Thanks again for a fabulous day on the San Juan. Jeff and Chris had a great time, learned how to cast
		and fish to the trout upstream and downstream and most important came to like fly fishing more than
		any other type they've experienced. You'll also be happy to know that your students fished all day Friday
		and then we put in 5 hours on the water on Saturday before returning home. JEFF, out caught Chris
		and I both Friday and Saturday! On Saturday, Jeff hooked into a huge fish in the upper flat section we
		fished with you (near the big rock) and We had to walk downstream 100 yards and then across stream as
		it took out the backing down to about 10 turns of line left on the reel. He eventually lost him after
		10 minutes but what a fish and fight. Had to be over 24 inches. As we saw it jump and it was one of
		the San Juan bulls. He wasn't yawning much after that one! Jeff did land the biggest fish Friday,
		20" and then two nice 18 and 19 inch fish on Saturday. The best thing was on Saturday in the upper
		section, both Jeff and Chris were casting beautifully. I'll be fishing the river again Sept 16-20
		with my buddy so I hope to see you there! Attached are some photos of Jeff's success on Fri/Sat. In
		a second email I'll send you a video of his big one that got away (some of the fight).

		Best Regards,
		Steve Setian

		Hi Andy

		I was looking over the pictures and video and I keep on smiling - thank you so much my friend.
		priceless is all that I can say.

		thank you

		Hi Andy,

		Thanks for the good time the last few days.



		Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our fishing trip. We just made it home and were looking
		at the photos you took of our days on the river. They are very well composed and are great reminders
		of the great time we had with you as our guide on the San Juan. It was a trip we will remember for a
		lifetime and the photos will help others see what we experienced (and prove that we caught big fish).
		We fished Tuesday morning and started out slow but as the day passed, we started hooking fish and ended
		up landing several good fish. No giants mind you, just good healthy 15-17 inch fish. Kenneth hooked
		a larger fish on an AK 47 and fought him the length of the kiddy pool; he eventually came off but after
		a good long fight. I hooked several fish initially, but eventually I begin to land them (no cussing).

		Thanks again for your guidance, your teaching and your professionalism.
		Sonja and Kenneth Hickingbottom

		Hi Andy,

		How are things going? I hope this email finds you in great health. Thanks again, I really had a great
		time fishing the San Juan, and I can't wait to do it all again. We have a lot of nice pictures that
		we will enjoy, and share with our family in the years to come. Hope to see you soon.

		Take care,

		Hey Andy,

		I had the most amazing time up there learning the ins and outs of the San Juan. I have heard many
		stories of about "how good of a guide you are", from Marcus. Now that trip has filled my photo album
		with new and exciting memories. Thank you for also showing me how to fish with dry flies, I still
		have much to learn and look forward to more instruction from you in trips soon to come. It's all about
		the "ANDY CANDY"!
		Take care and God Bless

		Andy my friend! How are you up there? Busy I bet. Andy, allow me to extend my most sincere thanks and
		appreciation for teaching me out on the river. It was my very first time on the San Juan as well as my
		first time fly fishing. Believe me, it is a blessing to have had those two experiences, not to mention
		a phenomenal guide, to foster one of the most cherishable memories I have ever had in the great
		outdoors. I am certain we will see each other again because I am "hooked" just like the one I caught
		with your help. Be safe and take care out there. Thanks again, Andy!

		Remember...... stay still, you're making a buffet for the fish! (Laughing out loud)

		Till next time,

		Hi Andy

		I wanted to let you know that Bill and I thoroughly enjoy having you as our expert fishing guide and
		friend. You definitely know what you are doing. Your photos are great, too.

		I will recommend you to my friends and maybe my son, Ramsey, captain of the Sea Quest. Hope that we get
		to see you and fish again before we leave. Did you get your wader repaired. Sorry! You said that it 
		was a size small. Was that a man's or ladies wader? It fit smaller than the one I tried, same brand,
		at Sports Authority.
		Thanks again!

		Just wanted to thank u again for the flies. On Sunday just above the lower flats I pulled out a 26"
		rainbow. Eric couldn't believe it. This was on the young flash. I was fishing in a deep section.
		Than on the lower flat caught about ten more all on the young flash. Only fished Sunday till 12:00.
		I did pull out a couple over 22. Most of the fish I caught I saw feeding and cast right above them.
		I just knew they would take your flies. There were three times I told Eric, I'm gonna catch that fish
		there. I would cast by them and they were on. I've never called out fish before. I'll be back up there
		in 2 weeks to hit the lower flats again. Take care.



		Good to see you. Had a great time. Hopefully I will retain some of the lessons learned. Did pretty
		good nymphing in the morning and early afternoon but didn't do so well with the dries. Hope to see you
		later this year, Thanks.


		Great we had a great time also we laughed so hard after u left and driving home. Hey I would like to
		pay your air fare to come down and play golf let's look at October Nov when it is cooler let me know
		what works.



		Went to New Castle for a couple days, last Sunday and Monday. Fished the Fryingpan a couple days.
		Caught about 20 to 25 fish each day, mostly on dry fly. Fished Andy's Candy mayfly. Was great from
		about 1 to 4. Nothing big but had a lot of fun. Mostly 12 to 14 inches.



		We had a great time with you last Wednesday. We enjoyed the fishing, instruction and your personality
		very much. If you can get down this way, we would have a good time playing a couple of good golf courses.

		Best regards,
		Randy Peeples :)

		Hi Andy

		I appreciate the instructions given last week on my role casting and drifting. I believe I expanded
		my knowledge and experienced much improvement Monday. Tuesday afternoon for me was exceptional with
		both AC Midge and AC nymphing techniques while revisiting the Texas Hole. Thanks much Andy.



		I see the great pictures of us on the website. I'm watching youtube for more videos, too.

		Had a great time fishing with your Sage rod. Tell me some more about it. I think it was a
		"line wt 0" Is the reel I used equipped with 1 or 0 wt line? Arrived home Sunday with all our junk.
		The flight out of Durango was nice.

		Yours, John


		We have returned home to CB and its downright miserable. We have sent those fishing pictures out
		nationwide and surely you will be getting calls soon. Thanks again for a great afternoon.


		Hi Andy, just wanted to tell you that on the 2nd day (friday 4/10/09) mike and chris had some really
		good hook ups and we had a great time. When they went off the river to make lunch, i stayed for a
		few minutes and caught a rainbow that was much larger than my one on the first day....Woo Hoo...but
		no one to take a picture...but i'll always remember it....We're busy planning two more trips (summer
		and fall) to you soon, and thanks for a GREAT trip........dan dee


		Good to see you on the river today. I had a great fish today. I just watched two recent You Tube videos
		of your clients, very good! YS black and YF black, no other flies today for me.

		On a side note, thanks for all the help you given me on fly tying. I moved here 4+ years ago and while
		I did OK, I did not catch trout with the consistency that I do since I began tying your patterns.

		Thanks again, David


		Thanks for going fishing with me, I had a good time.

		Thanks again Stan,, Peace!

		We had a great time this past weekend. I think that my dad enjoyed that trip more than any other.
		Hope to be back out this summer with wife and son. Talk to you soon.

		Phillip G

		Thanks for the pics, Zach can't stop talking about the big fish.


		Thanks for the pix, Andy, and for all the valuable instruction. The rest of our trip went well. Hope
		to fish with you another time.


		Thank You, again, for a great experience on the Juan. You are The Best! I continue to learn from you,
		albeit, a bit slower than you would like. I felt like I made decent progress on our "Sight Fishing"
		exercise from when I started, to when we walked off the river. Thanks for your patience and coaching.

		I really appreciated your positive encouragement for me perfectly nailing (setting) 5 trout on the
		nose (with 4 in a row)! That's just good Andy Kim Teaching and Coaching!!!

		I look forward to receiving your photos. As discussed, I'll work on getting Dave and me getting back
		this summer. Please be Safe and be Well!

		Respectfully with God's Blessing,
		Your Pal................ Jay Elliott

		Dear Andy:

		Thanks so much again for an outstanding day on the San Juan. I learned a lot and caught some wonderful

		Jonathan and Lauren

		Hi Andy,

		Thanks so much again for an outstanding day on the San Juan. I learned a lot and caught some wonderful

		I have always been impressed by people, in all industries, that are truly exceptional at what they
		do. Andy, you definitely fall into the exceptional category. I look forward to fishing with you
		again in 2009 in September. Dates to follow from me and/or mike.

		Andy, please send along the pictures of the wonderful that I caught with you, particularly the
		23.5 inch bow on the dry. I have some bragging to do and need those photos for my big fish album.

		Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again and fishing with you in 2009. Also, Im working on
		wife options for you as we discussed.

		Al the best,
		David P. Shatto (Dave)


		Thanks once again for a great time on the San Juan this last Monday. My family really enjoyed the
		fly-fishing experience. Now they've learned a new outdoor skill that they can put to use for the
		rest of their lives..with practice of course.

		Enjoy the rest of your summer. With any luck, maybe I'll see you again on the river this year.

		Warm regards,

		Hi Andy,

		Hope you are well. Jad and I enjoyed our weekend on the San Juan. It was a pleasure meeting you.

		Hope to see you soon.

		Marc M. Rose

		Well your name is every where. We went to Montana and came back through Yellowstone. I fished the
		Gros Venture in Teton National Park. Afterwards a guy drove up and said the Moose should be coming
		out. We started talking fishing and I asked him if he had fished the San Juan, he said no, but he
		did have a video from a guy from their and I said really, he said his name was Andy Kim. I said this
		is my buddy and he can catch fish just like the video.

		How's the fishing, need to make up there.


		Dear Andy,

		Thank you, Thank you for the best flyfishing trip of my life. We had so much fun and I learned a lot
		from you in just a short time. I am very fortunate to have spent time with you on the river and am
		inspired to practice more. Andy, you are the greatest!

		Happy Fishing and Best regards,
		Johnny from Denver


		Caught several nice fish on Wednesday and Thursday, including a 20-incher on a dry fly on my last
		cast on Thursday. Couldn't have done it without your expert advice. I'm looking forward to seeing
		the photos you took.

		Enjoyed fishing with you. The San Juan is amazing.


		Dear Andy:

		Thank you very, very much for taking the boys fly fishing. It was truly the highlight of their trip.
		We can not thank you enough for your generosity. It was a pleasure to meet you!

		Jonathan and Lauren

		Hi Andy,

		I want to thank you for a wonderful experience that day. We had a blast. My son and I really like you
		and we are looking forward to our next day on the river with you.


		Hi Andy,

		Thanks for the photos and I am glad you are feeling better. I did catch a couple fish on your dry fly.

		Hi Andy,

		I am so glad I met your guide Jerry and he was able to introduce me to you. I have fished the
		San Juan 6 times and have had ok fishing and got skunked a couple times. The flies I bought from you
		and the advice you gave me was just the ticket. The next two days I caught more fish per day that I
		have could possibly have imagined. I had 2 guides around me and I caught more fish than their clients
		with your flies. You know the river so well and I will always contact you to buy flies before I go to
		the San Juan. I have a friend that wants to be guided and you will be the one I will contact for him.

		Thank you,
		Alan Aragon

		Mr. Kim,

		Thank you for all your help and teaching me to fly fish.
		Ryan Ulrich

		Hi Andy,

		Do you have any photos to share? It was a great trip, thanks. Cheers,


		Hi Andy,

		Hope you are well. Dad and I enjoyed our weekend on the San Juan. It was a pleasure meeting you.
		Hope to see you soon.
		Marc M. Rose

		Dear Andy:

		Thank you again. Rebecca had a great time and improved her fishing skills. You keep getting better
		and better at your abilities to catch fish and teach clients what they need to know to follow in
		your footsteps. We had a great weekend and look forward to seeing you the next time you are up here
		or we can make it down there. Please send the fiber material to the address below.

		Best regards,
		Marc C. Patoile

		Hi Andy,

		You don't know me and hopefully, some day, I will get the chance to meet you and have you guide me on
		the San Juan. I just want to take a minute and thank you for sharing your midge patterns using the
		C and C thread and twisting techniques on both your larvae and pupae patterns.

		I'm from SW Pennsylvania and fish mostly on a couple streams that are know for some very large, picky
		and well educated trout that get lots of fishing pressure. Using your larvae and pupae designs, I
		have guys following me around trying to figure out the secret on my success. I hand out a lot of flies
		and try to help them with the techniques, but few have the success that I do, especially in landing
		a good many nice size browns and rainbows.

		What made me write this note was that I gave some flies to a guy a few weeks ago, and he replied, those
		are Andy Kim's flies. As it turned out, you guided him a couple years ago and he could not say enough
		about you. Just wanted to pass that on. Can't recall his name, but he said the next time you guide for
		him, he will tell you about the guy from Pa he ran into that "cleans up" using your flies.

		Take care, good luck and wish you many happy days of fishing,
		Hugh Shearer


		I received the video yesterday and popped it into the VCR immediately. It was fun to watch, you
		definitely catch a lot of fish. It really got me pumped up to go to the San Juan, and hopefully we
		can be as successful as you were on the video, it would be nice to catch some better quality fish!!!

		Kirk Colburn


		I was able to receive but not send emails in Durango. Thanks for a great time on the San Juan. I
		learned a lot and now I have to break several bad habits that I should not even have and practice
		casting. I look forward to receiving the video. I asked my wife what she wanted to do today, in that
		I had been fishing twice with you this week and she said, "can we just go home a day early?" She had
		been in Utah with our daughter who just had a baby a few weeks ago last week so had been gone for two
		weeks. We came home today and found everything in good order. As I was unpacking my fishing gear, I
		am already thinking of when I can get back up you way.

		Thanks again for the good and patient instruction.
		Bill Woolf

		Dave and I had a blast!
		bob barrali

		We were watching you fish the other day on the San Juan River. My wife was saying it was better than
		the Movies. We were very impressed. We would like a copy of your tape if it will show how to roll
		cast? I would like to get the right tackle before we come back to go fishing next time? Hopefully
		this summer. About the Roll Casting you were doing, were you using a W.F. floating line, or a D.T.
		floating line? What line weight, and Brand should I buy? Do you like the easy loop-type line/leader
		connection, or a nail knot? I have a 5-6 line weight Fennwick 81/2 ft. rod. Will this roll cast OK?
		Or what Rod should I get and how long? How long should my Tippets be and what strength is best for the
		San Juan? When you use a Strike Indicator what is best for roll casting? What size fly fishing shot
		should I use, and how far in front of my fly should it be? Should I use 2 Fly's or 1? And how far apart
		should they be? When We plan a trip we will get back in touch with you and book a guided fishing day
		with you on the San Juan.

		Marty Smith

		Hi Andy,
		Dad and Jerry had a great time with you on the San Juan. Glad you all were able to
		fellowship. I wanted to share this short video with you. This is what enabled dad to "keep going" on
		the trip. Truly amazing. He would usually only be able to do 1/2 day on the river at a shot.

		Looking forward to talking to you. I still have your set-up. Will mail it to you!

		Blessings, Susan Sumrall

		Hey Bobby Knight, er Andy,

		Best regards,


		Just looked at video, not bad for me.

		In New Castle till tomorrow or Wednesday. Fished the CO on Saturday, caught about 10 fish most on
		ywings. Fished the Roaring Fork on Sunday caught about 8 on ywing and yspecial. Went to FP today,
		caught about 30 fish some on ywings but mostly on dry flies. From about 2 to 6 they were just
		hammering andy's candy mayfly. Had a lot of fun.

		Talk with you later.

		Thanks Andy. Photos are great. I hope you can put up with me again. I'll try to practice. I have a
		meeting to attend now but I'll send links to my videos later.

		Once again, thank you.


		Just a reminder to send us the photos from the trip. As usual, we had a great time. Caught a couple
		of nice fish on Tuesday morning. One 20" below Texas hole and about a 19" in the 2nd channel behind
		Kiddie Hole on a AC Midge.



		Just to thank you for the GREATEST day of fishing because of the opportunity to fish with my son and
		grandson. Also I have reconfigured all my reels to left hand retrieve. Have been going over to the
		lake to train those muscles to the new system. Takes a lot of work for and old man to change old habits.
		Had just as much fun visiting and listening to your stories. Hope to be back next summer (late) or

		Pic included to reminder you who "grandpa" is
		Lowell Jenny

		Hi Andy,

		Thank you so much for my picture!

		I hope to see you soon and learn more from you... let me know your guiding schedule and locations.
		Thank you.
		with gratitude and appreciation,

		I have been catching lots of big trout up to 24 inches from Baetis Bend to Lunker Alley and lots of
		people asked about what flies I was using.

		Thanks for the flies,

		sorry i was at the pump house (i was having lots of fun with yong wing) run in the bait waters caught
		lots of fish on yong wing I didn't keep any though.

		I'll mail you the $20 for the yong wings thank you for bringing them and thank you for the fun trip
		again. Maybe next May, I am not sure right now, I'll get hold of you to do it a third time and I hope
		more times than that bye.

		Thank you Andy,


		Had a great time on the San Juan with you. You are an excellent teacher and it was easy to see the
		change in my fly fishing technique in as little as a few hours.
		I'm heading out to the Adirondack's on Saturday and was hoping to purchase some flies from you.
		Pretty much whatever you think would work. Hopefully, you could send it out express mail - I will
		send out a check to you, plus some extra that I didn't have with me on Friday.
		I am likely leaving Friday afternoon.
		Hope all is well.
		Also, have some ideas regarding the book.  Look forward to talking with you.

		Karim Botros

		Yes, I had a great time. definitely my best trout experience ever. The next day in the evening at
		Texas Hole, I hooked one that took off for the far side of the river, never slowed, never looked
		back. I couldn't gain anything on him and he ran out all my line and backing when he got close to
		the other shore. Wish I could have landed that one. I did catch a 19 inch colorful rainbow that
		evening also. I hope to come again with a friend or my son. Thanks for the pics and the time!

		Charlie Bing


		Thanks for the fun the last few days and showing me high sticking and fishing with no strike indicator.
		Can work on those over on the Roaring Fork and take a day trip to Salida.



		My wife was talking with one of her patients today, and he was telling her about his vacations this
		summer. When he mentioned flyfishing in New Mexico she said, "Where?" He said "The Navajo Dam area"
		and she said, "Oh my gosh! I wish I knew you were going there because I would have hooked you up with
		the best guide, Andy Kim!" She said his eyes got big and he said, "How do you know Andy? I actually
		did meet up with him for dinner" and she said, "Where? At the Chinese restaurant?" He laughed and said,
		"How did you know?!" Pretty funny, huh? Anyway, his name was Calvin Iona and my wife has known him
		for 20+ years. Small world...

		Big Net

		Hi Andy- my buddy Dean and I fished with you and Camoman 10 years ago this week, flying back to
		Columbus  two days before the world changed.  Glad to see you are still going strong.  Were talking
		about coming back out.  I'll stay in touch.  


		Thanks Andy! They had a great time. Next time it will be just you and me. I want to get my AK Bachelors

		Gene W		

		Thank you Andy for today. Ryan really did enjoy himself, I think we may have a new convert to the
		sport and I think even he is surprised. Thanks for getting both he and my dad on the fish, as I knew
		you would, now it should be easier for me to get them to come back to the San Juan in the future. We
		will be sure to look you up again! We're all looking forward to the pictures, I really appreciate it
		and thank you so much again for a fun day on the river!

		Mike Jenny

		We had an awesome day, could you send me some pictures you took?

 		Tim Reddin

		Thanks, Andy. Got the photos and posted to Facebook. I will add something to your site later today.

		Ann T. Gallant

		Hi Andy,

		I got the pictures you sent. I will send you up a couple from my camera that you may want for your
		website. We had a great time with you and all learned a lot. Look forward to getting back out there
		with you in the early fall.
		Talk to you soon!


		Thanks for the phones and music.  I'm listening to the album
		right now.  The photos came out good! Appreciate both.
		Was up at Cable Hole today and did very on the AK47 and
		Griffins Gnat.  The midging was slower so we stayed with
		surface bugs.  The trout were not sipping like they were
		yesterday.  Look forward to more of the same tomorrow.
		Are you going to be around.  If so I'd like to pick up a
		few more AK47s.  Let me know. 

		Hi, Andy;

		Thanks for a great day on the river!  I put on my other sun glasses this morning and found the
		reason, at least in part, I had a hard time seeing the fly.  The polarized lenses I was using were
		my older prescription:)


		Thank you so much for the pictures!  Filip just arrived home and told me what a great time he had,
		and how much he learned!

		Thank you again,

		Mike is off on business travel today.  I am bugging him to send his photos.  He has one shot of a
		fish he caught that is clearly the fish of the trip.  Caught on the upper flats with one of the #26
		Flashes you gave us.  I'll push him to send them ASAP.



		Thanks for guiding Tom and I on Monday and Tuesday. Thursday, prior to
		leaving and heading back to Denver, we did very well down by the main
		channel in the Cable Hole. Caught some 20 inch rainbows that had nice 5
		or 6 inch girths on them. Tom and I caught at least a dozen or so in the
		2 hours we fished. The fly that worked the best was Andy's Yong Flasher
		top and bottom. For the first half hour or so we tried blondie closest
		to sinker and yong special bottom but had no productivity.

		John Kissell


		Got home about 10:00 last night. Up above the cable hole yesterday at about 9:00 for a couple hours
		and caught several after 10:00 on yflasher, nice big fish. Tried yblondie and yblood when first got
		there but didn't get any. Maybe not far enough out in the current or down deep fun. Fished the south
		side because other side was full of guys. Had a good time the past few days.

		Thanks for flies and dinner the other night. Want to get to yampa, FP and RF next month. We are going
		to Granby over the 4th of July for horse show with Leanne so maybe can get down on the CO if water goes

		Hope all is well with you on the San Juan, I still re-live the outing on the River with you and my
		Grandson, Jonathan !!  what a great time...I'll be back up your way this fall for sure!

		Sam Fry

		Hey Andy sorry I missed ya.  I left my cell in my car.   Thanks a lot for the picture! Had a lot of
		fun today, had six more fish in the net after you left and probably lost about that many after
		getting it hooked. Thanks for your lessons and your flys!  Dinner at seven sounds good. I will meet
		you at the restaurant at 7.
		Thanks again.


		Thanks so much for a special trip.
		Hope I can remember at least half of what you taught me.

		Thanks again,
		John Anderson

		Thanks for the good time and pictures. How was the Arkansas? It was cold and rainy here in Denver
		yesterday. Ate the fish last night was very good.

		Looking at coming down the week of June 19. Let me know what you have available that week. I assume
		run off will be coming to end about that time.


		We had great time. I think I am getting the hang of fly fishing. I did pretty good!!!

		Take care.
		Sonja Hickingbottom

		It was best time I ever had fly fishing in terms of fishing
		in many different ways.
		I've learned a lot from you on this trip.

		Your technique has now sunk in with me as far as how to mend the line properly and how to fish
		certain types of waters that was front of me. Riffles, drop offs, deep pools, slow pool, fast 
		waters, pocket water, and more...

		You know which one was my favorite of them all...

		Caught so many trout fishing that technique you'd taught me especially on that middle of a long
		riffle, on top of the bank to a feeding trout below. Distinguishing and setting up #2 or #3 is
		still bit hard but I'll certain always have knots in between two flies as well as knot above the
		first fly as wel

		I was lazy and really didn't care about it since I don't nymph fish much at all. I now know that
		when I visit Merced river near Yosemite National Park and Kern river, I'm confident that I can catch
		more fish since I now know how to setup for nymphing waters there properly.

		I still caught trout being lazy before but now? I'm more confident in what I do now. I just needed
		to figure out what flies (nymphs) will work on Merced river. Do you have any ideas? Fishing there
		will be awesome once water level and all the crowds dissipated.

		If you come around that time, fall time, then you can show me how to nymph that water if dries are
		not on the menu. I know there are some big ones in those deep pools. Will require # 4 rigging perhaps.
		Yes, #4 rigging, using egg sinkers for the weight--HA HA!

		Can you kindly send me Tom's and Steve's email address please?

		I need to learn to tie Yong wing. I'm sure that is one of the best flies anywhere.

		Thanks again for all the great time I had with you and your great friends.

		Best regards,
		John Kim

		Hey Andy I am back in Albuquerque now. Thank you for the guided trip it was awesome. I plan to do it
		again in September because you showed me a lot, and I want learn more from you. It's cool that you still
		helped me even though you were guiding someone else.....I lost all the yon flashers cause my line
		was all screwy and from forcing the fish to much so I tried a black mono midge that I tied that worked
		well so I will be ordering more flies from you and your leader that you make.


		Hey Andy,

		This is Bruce ( the one armed fisherman ) and I was wondering when a good time would be to contact
		you on Tuesday or Wednesday? I am interested in looking at your flies and buying some. I hope you had
		a great fishing trip in Colorado. Your client Larry was great fun to watch. Let me know a time.
		Thanks and have a good week.
		Bruce Stell

		Hi Joe public, I've known Andy and Jerry (the only guide on the Juan) that Andy has confidence in
		for well over 15 years. I started fishing the Juan in 1969 using a weighted jig called the "rock a
		roo" catching beautiful fish on a regular basis. When the waters were changed to quality waters and
		to catch and release I gave up fishing the Juan...I didn't know how to fish the quality
		the mid 90's I met local artist and fisherman David Carpenter and I was able to hook up with some fish
		and land some of those monsters occasionally. One time David and I were fishing well below Texas Hole
		and there was a guide across the river from us with 2 clients who caught and released at least 15 fish
		in a very short period of time, David told me that he was a new guide...Andy Kim. I waited for him, we
		talked and I have been using him ever since.

		Those of you who come once or twice per year I highly recommend you contact Andy...if he's not home
		leave a message...he's very busy... the tiny little midges in the river tend to have a short life,
		so colors and sizes change often...since AK is on the river constantly he knows the fishes location
		and proper flies to use during your visit...Master Kim, my name for AK, is the type of person who
		sucks the oxygen out of a room, type A personality... he will give you an experience of a lifetime,
		at the same time, he will teach you tricks that you will use everywhere you fish and like me you
		will be bombarded by fellow anglers asking you...what are you using? Can I see the fly?... presently
		there is no better wading guide on the 505 334-0909

		Buenas Hatches (Great Hatches)


		I have attached the picture of my big fish Saturday AM, how big do you think it was?

		I need to tell you that I landed 11 or 13 strikes Sunday AM before I had to leave. The 11 I landed
		were using the AK method. The two I missed were; first one, because I held the line and did not let
		go and second one, because I turned away from the fish with my body to try to tighten the line. In
		both cases I knew right away.

		Thanks so much.

		PS - My daughter thinks it might be a good idea to try it next year. We will see if it works out.

		Galen Killam


		Thanks for the fishing trip and Korean food. I thought it was very good. When I come to the San Juan
		you will have to make me some of the soup. It was tasty.


		Thanks again Andy for a great day fishing.


		Dear Andy,

		Thanks again for a great day of fishing last week. My son Chris and I had a great time, and learned
		a whole lot about presentation and landing big fish on tiny flies. The double we had was incredible!
		Landing 23 inch trout on 3 weight rod and size 26 fly is something we will remember for a long, long
		Hopefully we will return again sooner next time.

		All the best,

		Hi Andy,

		NICE FISH! It's a good thing "for your client" that I used "Andy Kim's Martial Arts Technique" for
		fighting that rainbow to submission...and the final take down with your new "Big Net"! You are truly
		a gifted instructor with the passion and patience of blue heron.

		Whistle while you work, my friend (but not to Barry Manilow!).

		Tight lines,
		Brad "Big Net" Coleman

		Hi Andy.......

		Just a reminder to email me the photos of Tom and myself from last Wednesday. Had a great time both



		Thank you again for the lessons you taught myself and my daughter on the river. Your patience and
		time with us was excellent. You not only taught me a few things but you increased Makaylee's confidence
		in her fishing abilities as well as teaching other aspects of the fishing world. We can't wait to
		book a trip with you. Again thank you and I will continue to recommend you as an excellent guide to
		customers who visit Zia Sporting Goods.



		One of the pictures you took of Sonja on our last trip is on our home computer desk top. We are
		reminded of the great time we had on the river each day when we see it. It has been a great 
		experience for us both.

		Thanks again for helping make it a great time for us.

		Ken Hickingbottom

		I will be on the river Xmas Day and having supper with Jerry and Sok Cheng...will you be around...let
		me know... I may need some more flies..

		I think you showed me how to fish for porpoising trout... we were at upper flats fishing the beaver
		dam and we walked up and a pool of slow water like a re-rigged put on Andy's candy...greased
		leader above fly and caught a big fish with first this correct or am I dreaming..let 
		me know...not tried it yet but I will...if you say so...

		Come eat with us...smoked ribs, coleslaw, and home made pecan pie with whip cream

		Always CoCo

		Hi Andy, thanks for the photos. It was great fishing with you hope we can do it again next year.
		Sorry to have gotten sick, must have been a mild flu or food poisoning. Didn't last long. Take care
		of the fish, see you hopefully next time.


		Andy,   Thank you for showing us a great time on the river and Andy's methods for successful fishing.
		Please email me the photos.   I enjoyed our time together and your fishing methods helped us catch a
		lot of fish.   Great fun.  Thanks.

		Paul Powell


		Truth comes from the observation of nature, seeing things so subtle they are invisible to most eyes.
		Not you! You are one of the rare ones....someone who can see and somewhat control nature. A true
		I had a blast learning from you. I knew I would. I will be back, when , I do not know. I am open to
		suggestions. 3 days was not long enough to familiarize myself with the river. I have to fish at least
		4 days next time . thanks again for the great experience!

		Bob Mizono

		My brother and I were fishing next to you on the San Juan upstream of texas hole Wednesday morning.
		You had a group of clients sight fishing in the shallows, and they were all slamming fish on the
		surface.  i was already missing the action when i decided to check out youtube to see what there is
		to see about that miracle of flyfishing known as the San Juan...first video i clicked i recognized
		your voice, just wanted to say that you are one hell of a guide who definitely knows what he is
		talking about.  Your clients and me and my brother got our moneys worth!!  I am planning on moving
		out to Durango, one of these days i will say hello, that's a promise.....

		tight lines from Pennsylvania!!!  (fisherman's paradise on Spring Creek used to be my home waters
		while I attended Penn State....we are both a little lucky it seems...)

		Malcolm Holley

		Dear Andy,

		Richard and I wanted to share this photo with you and also thank you for a wonderful trip on the 28th
		of October.  You had come very highly recommended, and after a day on the San Juan with you, we now
		understand why!  We both learned a tremendous amount from you, and also had a really great time doing
		it.  Your teaching style insures a high degree of retention, even for an old guy like me or a young
		pup like Richard.  You had us catching fish within minutes and as the day progressed your "gentle"
		coaxing had a significant impact on our newly acquired skills.  We used to be pleased with 2-3 fish
		a day on your river, but now I don't think either one of us will be happy with less than several
		dozen hookups a day.

		We must have been taught well because we were back on the river for two days following our trip with
		you and had folks actually asking us what we were "using"!  It's really fun to walk into the
		"Kiddie Pool" were several people are fishing (but not catching) and start catching fish right under
		their noses!

		You are one of the best Andy, and we will be back for more!

		Thanks for a great trip,
		Richard and Jim

		Andy,   Thank you for showing us a great time on the river and Andy's methods for successful fishing.
		Please email me the photos.   I enjoyed our time together and your fishing methods helped us catch a
		lot of fish.   Great fun.  Thanks.

		Paul Powell

		Orale Vato...Good Morning!! Your flies did it again...on Th. and Fri. I tore them up...I was the only
		one in upper flats catching fish...I must have had 6-8 men ask what I was using...I even showed them
		the flies, told them about you and gave them your guy Don said he would email you...I hope
		you guys connected.

		Warm Personal Regards, COCO


		As usual we had another great time fishing with you.  Attached are a couple of pictures of fish that
		we caught on our own Sunday and Monday afternoon using Master Kim's fishing techniques.
		Thanks again,


		We sure enjoyed spending the day with you last Friday.  We did well Saturday and Sunday as well using
		the flies you made for us and the techniques you taught us.  Hope your sciatica is better. As I said
		I would highly recommend the inversion table which will eliminate your problem.  The brand I recommend
		is Teeter.  It is the best as far as I'm concerned.  Good luck and tight lines.

		Fred Bennett

		Thanks again Andy. We had a great trip and hopefully learned a lot. Fred and I did pretty well on
		Sat. and Sun. using your technique and flies.

		See you next time.
		Randy Hearne


		Thanks for a great time on the river! I continued setting the hook too hard yesterday most of the
		times. The interesting part is that when used only wrist, I landed fish. Imaging that! So I am a
		strong convert to easy setting of the hook now. I will need a lot of practice, though, old bad habits
		die hard!
		Naomi hooked and landed her fist SJ trout on dry fly, Andy's candy, last fish of the day yesterday,
		just before we were ready to leave. Awesome! She was so thrilled! I think she is hooked on SJ,
		thanks to you! Hope she will be coming to SJ with me in the future.
		I will try to computerize my shooting film of Naomi, and send it to you.

		Thanks again!

		Dear Andy,
		Thank you so much for an enjoyable time fishing on Tuesday. I also enjoyed watching you
		mess up my spin cast rod. You actually made me look pretty good. I would appreciate it if you would
		send me the pictures you took of my fish so I can show my wife. Thanks again Andy for a great time
		and when I'm coming back with my wife we will call for an appointment for a day of fishing.
		Many Thanks,
		Mike Pollock (Oklahoma)

		Hello Andy:
		I am enclosing two photos I shot of you trying one of my Tenkara rods.  Just open the enclosed
		attachments to see them.  You may use them in any way you wish.

		I enjoyed meeting and fishing with you and hearing your ideas on catching San Juan trout.  You are
		a gentleman.

		I gave Mike the video you brought by the motel room and he thanks you for it.

		Kent Halsell

		Hey Andy,

		I am back home and really missing the trout.  I had a great time and it was good to see you again.
		Hope you got at least one good picture of you with your trout and without the snagged san juan worm.
		If you want to get away from the cold and come down for some golf, let me know.


		Greetings to you from Corrales on this very pleasant evening here in the high desert of New Mexico.
		Thanks so much for sending that series of photos. The bend in that four weight rod tells a story all
		of its own. I was able to share the photos and part of the trip with Carol. She sends her compliments
		on your guiding and photography skills. Also, thanks very much for the really nice tip on fishing
		below that island in the Kidde Pool. As I mentioned to you, I fished the Texas Hole for about an
		hour without success. The guides in the boats were having a slow day as well. I moved upstream and
		found that location below the island in the Kidde Pool. The place was loaded with feeding trout and
		the water was crystal clear. I kept thinking, "Boy, I wish Andy was here to see this." I fished for
		quite awhile and managed to hook several fish. Setting the hook was problematical. After I
		experienced my third serious tangle, I looked at my watch and thought, I better be heading home.

		Can you give me the basics on the leader that you constructed for me? I will take your instructions
		and tie up a couple of leaders to use for my next trip the San Juan. Hopefully, I will be able to
		get back up there around the last week of October. Maybe the fall colors will hang around that long.
		Hope you had a great day on the San Juan.

		Adios amigo.

		Hey Andy,
		Thanks again,

		Hi guys, my stay was fantastic, wind was an issue but I endured...Wed. I spotted a baetis hatch in
		the back channel of baetis bend and boy did I have fun...the hatch lasted about an hour and landed
		at least 12...grey, cream, bloods and blondies did not work at all...maroon, I specials, and wings
		worked very well...yesterday I went back my honey by 8: 00am...again I caught several
		but the highlight of my week was catching 2 back to back browns on the maroon special one of them
		was so beautiful, draped in orange that when I first caught site of him I thought it was a
		carp...that fish was so beautiful it should have been in a magazine...18 1/2 inches hooked jaw and
		the orange coloring was remarkable...huge spots both red and black very vivid colors...I wished one
		of you would have been with me for the photo op and lasting memories...                                              

		Happy Thanksgiving your friend


		As usual we had another great time fishing with you.  Attached are a couple of pictures of fish that
		we caught on our own Sunday and Monday afternoon using Master Kim's fishing techniques.

		Thanks again,

		I want to thank you again for a GREAT experience last Tuesday. Even though
		we were slow learners on some of your tips, you showed us how to be much
		better San Juan fishermen.
		Also, would like your recommendation for a good 2wt rod and brand of line to
		Thanks again
		Dave Otter

		I used Cheryl's card reader to load the files from the memory card and that worked. Before I had
		simple connected the camera directly to my PC and that didn't work. Thanks for everything as it
		was a great day for Dick.

		I hope you get the reel seat fixed by sage.  I think that a lot of companies are doing the same
		thing but I do agree for the cost that they are being kinda cheap that way.  Please get the reel
		seat fixed.  see if they can put in a graphite seat since that is waterproof.  Remember - that was
		really the first rod in a while that ever challenged you. It still has a long while to go before
		you stop smiling with that rod in hand... 

		my father went fishing yesterday, my mother had him cleaning the carpeting in the house and he had
		to take a break and went bass fishing.  I think that the trip rejuvenated his interest in fishing a
		bit... Alex is also at a new level of fishing now and he is having so much more fun.  thanks for 
		being more than just my master... thanks for being family... I'll send more pics, thanks brother

		Sam Fry

		Hi Andy,

		As always, it is good to see you and had a great time on the river. i hope i can retain some of the
		information that i learn from you.
		Let me know when you plan on coming out this way and maybe we can play some golf together.
		Also, it sounds like it is around the same time as when myself, Steve and Randy plan to come to the
		river, so i would like to plan accordingly.

		Thanks Again,

		Too funny Andy.  I can tell you for a fact there were PLENTY of fish in the river.  Maybe they shouldn't
		all be so damn stubborn and learn how to fish the San Juan from the Master.  I understand he is
		willing to teach anyone who is willing to listen how to catch trout anywhere in the world.

		Thomas N. Tracy, Jr.

		Hi, Andy;
		Thank you for the fun fishing last week and the refresher course on the "YK" fishing class. As always, Bob and I had a great time fishing with you.
		If you have any pictures, I would appreciate receiving them. 
		Regards, Dave

		Fred, Jim, and I really had a great time fishing with you and Jerry last Thursday, especially me since I caught a lot more fish than my expert buddies.
		I really learned a lot in a short period of time.
		Looking forward to fishing with you again before long. My casting can use a lot of improvement.
		When you get a chance email me the photos you took.
		Thanks again,

		Hi Andy,
		Just wanted to say thank you again for a great afternoon of fishing and the laughs we had. Looking forward to fishing with you again next year!
		Please don't forget to send over the pictures!
		Have a great week!

		Thanks for the instruction. I did fish better the next day. Sunday I landed a nice 20" rainbow on the back channel at Baetis Bend. I also caught 9 on
		dry flies. You really helped.
		I look forward to seeing you again next year. I also look forward to seeing some of the photos you took.
		I appreciated your taking time to capture these memories for us.
		---Mark Woods

		Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the two days of fly fishing with you and Jim Harlow. I gave your name to 
		several people who are thinking of heading to the San Juan.
		Harold F. Christmann, Jr.

		Thank you for the photos Andy they are great.  Again, thank you for your patience, expertise and teaching on the river it was a memorable day.
		Ray Sedey

		We had a great time. I caught a large fish that I will visit about with you via phone some evening.
		Will try to give you a call this week as we are interested in the entomology course.
		Phillip Glasson

		On behalf of Bob, Mark, Kevin and myself, I just wanted to say thanks for a
		great tow days of fishing. I believe that we have made some progress in
		converting out two bass fishers (Mark & Kevin) over to fly-fishing.
		We can only promise on thing, God willing you will be hearing from some of
		us about return trip to the San Juan. I believe Bob and a fishing buddy of
		his are planing to return around the first week in Dec.
		By the way, we received your picture and they were great. Would you share
		with us the name and brand of the camera and film that you used, please.
		Your pictures were far superior to the ones we took.
		Enclosed you'll find some golf balls (thought you needed some variety to
		sharpen your game) and a book by Bob Rotella. If you really plan to be a
		scratch golfer within next 1-2 years I highly, make that strongly recommend
		that you go to the library or book store and buy Bob Rotella's Book "The
		golf of your dreams". In this book he gives you a day to day outline on how
		to be a scratch golfer. This guy works with the pro's and his books are
		We promise to in touch and we'll see you again soon.
		AL Brown

		Dear Andy:
		The pictures were great, although I think the waders weren't to flattering
		to my figure! (Just kidding)
		We had a lot of fun with the subject on the air and TJ Trout is looking
		forward to scheduling a trip with you, but it may not be until the spring.
		Thanks again for the great trip.
		You are an excellent teacher and obviously the most knowledgeable person on
		the San Juan.
		We'd love to have you on the air if you have a free day. Just call and let
		us know if you plan to be in Albuquerque and we'll set it up.
		Here's a selection of airtime that we devoted to you?I've also given out
		the phone number and web site many times, even if that doesn't show up on
		this tape.
		Erica Viking

		Dear Andy:
		Thanks you so much for the photos and thanks again for a swell time spent
		with you in Nov on the San Juan River.
		You are a great guide and I learned a lot from you.
		Pete and I are looking forward to our next trip in Feb, I hope we have as
		good weather then as we did before Thanksgiving.
		Incidentally we ran into two men from Farmington who knew you. Apparently
		you guided one of them, his name was Jim. The other gentleman was a CPA.
		The CPA said he was going to have you guide him and his wife one day. The
		point is that they spoke well of you and it sounds like you are developing
		a good reputation on the river.
		Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
		Bob Steele

		Master Yong,
		Just a follow up letter to let you know how much fun we all had with you
		Your knowledge of the San Juan is beyond words. The river was murky,
		was tough, and as usual the only people catching fish were previous clients
		and our group.
		I can't believe you took my friend Murray from a rank beginner, to a fish
		catching machine in these conditions. I've never seen him smile so much.
		Both our teenage boys had a great time as well, you made the fishing seem
		easy to them.
		As for me, I finally got to utter the ultimate fishing words, "my arms are
		tired from catching all these fish, lets go play golf!"
		Thanks for your knowledge and friendship.
		p.s. I'm glad you don't charge for golf lessons, there would be no tip.

		My name is Lisa Devine -- you were a guide to Bill and I (with Larry and
		this past Saturday. I had a great time! You are a great guide - not just
		because you know what you are doing, but because you make it fun. I will
		recommend your services highly and hope to use you again in the near
		future!  Lisa

		I'm back home and looking at my pictures from the San Juan. I really
		enjoyed the day together and hope to see you on my next trip! Thank you for
		your good teaching of fly fishing "engineering" principles.
		Best wishes to you over the holidays and into the new year!
		-Dave Trumper

		Hi Andy,
		Wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed fishing with you last Wed.  We
		again on Friday at Middle flats did pretty good.  Kelly out fished me
		No more instruction for him.  Hope you are doing well, I will keep my eyes
		open for a female prospect for you.
		Want to order the video,  tell me how.

		Hi Andy,
		I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year. I plan
		seening several times in 99. Thanks for all that you have taught me. Please
		send me a quote on one video, 1 dozen young specials(dark), 1 dozen young
		blondie, and one dozen young dry.
		Ho Ho Ho

		Thank you for the wonderful day we had in mid November on the San Juan
		River. I realize my nymphing techniques need to improve before I spend
		money on expensive equipment. Today, I will be at Walmart looking for a
		fly rod and reel for my children for Christmas. I hope to bring the
		family down for some lessons. The main reason I'm writing is to find out
		if by chance you may have seen my gray cloth cover for my Sage rod? When
		we left that Friday I could not find my cover and thought maybe I left
		it in the back of your car the Wednesday we went to the river. Anyhow,
		let me know if you have run across it. Also I would like you to
		recommend some nymphs for down on the South Platte river near Deckers.
		When we get a nice day I would like to get in some practice and wanted
		to try your nymphs down there.
		Thank You
		John Kissell

		Hope you have a Happy Holiday Season!
		People are still amazed when they see the size of trout we caught on
		The credit goes to you.  People always say, "Russ, it looks like Judy
		the biggest fish..."---to which I respond, "The guide liked her better..."
		We've had mild weather in KC, except recently.  It turned nasty the other
		Some snow, but very cold(Zero degrees).  Wish I was still on the San Juan,
		warm and catching fish.  Although, I bet you've had some severe weather,
		Does that make the fishing better?
		Anyway, hope you are well, and having fun.  I'll order a video one of these
		Best Regards,
		Russ & Judy

		Hello and Merry Christmas!!!  Thanks for the card.  Hope things are well up
		Aztec.  Glad to hear your video is finally available.  Could you please
		me one.  Let me know if you want the check sent first. My address isI also
		wanted to know if you will be available to guide on March 31(first
		choice), or April 1, 1999, as I will be making my spring trip up there at
		time.  I will be bringing two new flyfishers to the San Juan, plus Phil who
		fished with me last year.
		I will also need about two-three dozen flies at that time if possible.
		Let me know about those dates, and thanks in advance.  Have a Happy New
		James Sameshima

		Hi Andy,
		Words cannot describe the experience my son and I had with you last week.
		skill, knowledge and ability to teach was evident in the first 15 minutes
		on the river. A smile still crosses my face when I remember the look on all
		the other fishermen working the same hole watching my teenage son hook up
		every third or fourth cast.
		The fact the water was muddy, with no visibility and we still caught fish
		is a
		testament to your knowledge of this river and its fish. I'm still telling
		anyone who'll listen about this trip, they are amazed to hear the smallest
		fish I landed was 18 inches and the largest was 22 1/2 inches. I can't wait
		see the pictures you took.
		My son and I will always remember this trip, and I never forget the seldom
		heard words my son uttered "I think I've caught too many fish, I'd like to
		stop and rest for a while." And to think, that was before lunch.
		Thank you for the unforgettable memories.
		Lane Ochi

		Thanks for the day of fishing on the Juan....You are the Man.  Difficult
		conditions don't seem to hold you up on catching fish.  You amaze me with
		your skill level.  How did your session go with that group you were
		instructing (dad, granddad and son), I laughed to myself a couple of times
		when you were instructing them.  You would tell then, demonstrate, ask if
		they understood and then they would go and do something completely
		different.   Reminds me of some special education students I once had
		We might be down the
		second week of March for Spring Break to fish so we'll keep in contact
		with you.
		I did manage to fish Simon Point for a hour or two and hooked to large
		fish on dark special but they broke off in heavy current.  Found a side
		channel directly east of the "Kiddie Pool" and caught eight nice sized
		fish on YOJ and dark special plus a couple of other patterns.
		Reviewed your tape again.  Each time I see it I learn something else that
		I miseed the other times I've seen it.  Can't wait to help you if I can on
		Volume 2.  I'm sure Jerry Hubka would be willing to help with art also if
		you ask him.  We both appreciate what you have done for us.
		Rickey Takahashi

		Anyway, I wish you much success in this New Year.  Oh, I used Yong
		Specials yesterday on Putah Creek and landed two 5 pounders, 19 and 20
		1/2 inches (on 6x tippet).  Yong flies succeed again!  Take care.
		Andy:  Hi.  Thought I drop you a line and tell you I received your video
		and files.  Thanks. I watched the video with my 5-year old daughter.  Her
		spontaneous comment at about the half-way point was "That guy's a good
		fisher!".  We both liked the video.  I fished the San Juan a couple of
		weeks ago.  The water was cloudy and the air was raining, windy, and cold.
		Still caught a bunch and had a great time.  I didn't see you car in the lot
		so I figured you were home like a reasonable person, given the poor
		weather.  I am going to Flordia for some saltwater fishing at the end of
		Feb.  I will let you know how it went.  I am thinking of a guide trip on
		the San Juan maybe in March.  I will let you know.  Thanks again and good

		Andy --
		    We fished with you last Monday -- had a great time!  I'm having some
		of the pictures duplicated and will send them on to you.  We fished 4
		hours on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.  Neel did better on Tuesday --
		me on Wednesday.  I'm "seeing" better.
		Thanks for the lessons!
		    Marianne Bennett

		Great video. I can't wait to fish with you in clear water.
		Hope you like the photo of the fish. It made Neal very jealous.
		See ya.
		Lane Ochi

		Hi Andy,
		  Received the video today,great job on your first time out!Really
		enjoyed watching you catch all those fish.I also enjoyed your humor and
		the out-takes during the video.The San Juan does have some beautiful
		fish and I hope to one day fish it.Go ahead and cash my check,I'm
		keeping the video to add to my flyfishing library.I've already watched
		it twice and enjoy the tips on drift,observation,and landing fish on
		small tippets...
		  Once again,thanks for the video and keep on catching all those BIG
		fish :)
		Tight lines and happy flyfishing,

		Andy,missed fishing with you this season and want to tell everyone that the
		letters you get on E-mail are unsolicited.  Every thing about the young
		special is true,and after fishing with them and you,I`m convinced they are
		better then worms.  Don Alcorn,Aurora Colo.80011.tite lines andy and hope
		you`re enjoying living in Aztec.

		HI Andy
		I enjoyed with you fishing in San Juan this time.
		I was watching your video with my family, Toronto, Canada.
		Some of the strikes are not visible even I paused the video,
		you must see the fish open mouth, which we can not see on the screen.
		Thanks for my rating 8/10
		I wish to get 10 in October.

		Andy,  I understand your position concerning your special flies.  Please
		keep my e-mail address and when you are going to have your special tying
		classes please e-mail me and let me know.  I've watched several guides
		over the years, and most of them you couldn't pay me to fish with them
		let alone me pay them.  I just wanted to let you know that you are the
		exception to the rule.  I enjoy watching you work with, and teach others
		how to fish.  Most of the guides I've watched I feel like I could
		probabily out fish, its good to watch a guide who trully knows what he is
		doing, keep up the good work, I wish there were more guides like you on
		the rivers.
		See you on the river.

		Hi Andy,
		Enjoyed fishing with you last week--great FUN.
		On your fishing report last week, you asked for feedback on the seminar
		program.  My only suggestion , beyond what you are proposing, is to have
		one of  the sessions limited to three participants.
		I think the seminar program is a great idea!  You're a real professional.
		        Max Forbert

		? Hey Andy,
		? I had a great time! Told everyone at the local fly shop about you. I
		? think they were jealous.
		? Do you have any time on Oct. 10, 11 or 12????
		? Brad Gardner
		? Gardner, Brad would like to recall the message, "You are the MAN!!".

		Marian and I enjoyed fishing with you last week.   A couple of days ago,
		while fishing on the San Juan, I ran into an "Andy Kim Skeptic" who claims
		that the reason you and your clients catch so many fish is because your
		technique promotes "snagging".   After giving that some thought, I haven't
		been able to figure out how we consistently "snag"  the fish in the mouth
		only, and also how we only "snag"  them when we match the hatch.   I have
		probably had one body snag in the last 200 fish.  I'll think about it some
		more and maybe I'll come up with an answer.
		Max Forbert

		What if I don't catch 24 fish? Do I still have to pay?  Does your 24 fish
		guarantee include all the fish that you catch as well?  Does it also
		the fish that we simply see?  Do you think that promoting a 24 fish
		guarantee will help or promote the conservation of the river or is this
		simply to enhance your pocket-book?  Do we have to wear a breathe-right
		we fish?  If I catch 23 fish does that mean that I had a bad day?  Don't
		find yourself a tad bit presumptuous?
		To Mr. No name,
		Thank you for your opinion, I believe everyone in this country are entitled
		to have own opinion even myself.
		Happy fishing!

		The interesting fishing -- the tough fishing -- was during the mid morning
		and early afternoon.  That's when we switched to a size 16 bead head Yong
		special trailed by a size 16 Yong special.  That's also when we were
		basically the only ones consistently catching fish.  I was pretty proud of
		myself when I overheard a number of people commenting that we were
		outfishing even the local veterans.  The one "local" who's a decent guy
		(the others really don't like guys in float tubes, especially when they're
		outfishing them) is the one I spoke of who fishes routinely with the likes
		of Lefty Kreh and Guy Perkins (Mr. Orvis).  We spoke briefly about the
		prospects of marketing these flies (which he did not see, but saw the
		action on), and he indicated there isn't too much business discussed on
		these other words, he was politely saying he wasn't interested.
		Keep in touch.  Your friend.

		Here are some of the pictures.  Thanks again I learned a lot about sight
		fishing and was able to catch 30 or more fish a day, most over 19" since I
		was picking my target.
		Mondy Lariz

		Andy, Just a note to let you know how much fun we had yesterday.
		Wendell, Joel and I had a ball!  I appreciate all the advice and I will
		certainly recommend you to anyone looking to learn about the San Juan.  I
		just hope you don't get too busy to guide us again!
		I look forward to seeing the pictures (if they turned out). I hope your
		camera is OK.  I'll send you copies of the ones on my camera if you want.
		I'll be contacting you soon about buying some flies. Thanks again, Andy.
		Lou Metzger
		P.S.  I was in Charlie's this morning and told them what a first class
		guide you are, and a fun guy to fish with. Just had to set everyone

		Hi Andy!
		Darren and JK are asking about how fishing is at the San Juan during the
		end of December when they are on vacation.  They wanted to know about
		the weather and whether you had any days available.  I still need to
		send you some pictures.  Hope you are doing well.  The kids are still
		talking about their trip last Spring.  Hope to hear from you.  Thanks.

		Had a great time with you on Friday, we tried some of the things you
		taught us on Saturday and did very good.  Went to the same place, got
		there 10 minutes before a guide from ABE's showed up.  We could here
		their disappointment when they saw us fishing where they wanted to go.
		We nymph fish until the midge hatch started.  Then went to the Yong's
		Dry.  Later the Baetis started, and the fish went crazy.
		Thanks again, see you the Wed. before Christmas.

		Thanks for the trip on November 12. This was my second trip with you
		and was great. Caught 35 to 40 fish just like the first time. Thanks for
		sharing your knowledge on your nymph and emerger fishing. No doubt you are
		the best guide I've ever been with.
		Just a question, would like to order one of your new video's. How much is
		the video and where do I send check? Please let me know. See you early next
		spring or after the run off. Thanks.
		Dear Andy,  I just found some time to find your web site and spent an
		hour reading all your categories, what a great web site and you have
		done a great Job organizing it!!! Hope you are well and Rick Takahashi
		and I enjoyed seeing you again at the "Juan" over Labor day.  Have a
		Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you soon at the river. Sincerely, Hubs
		I can't thank you enough for your help. I look forward to my next trip
		down to the San Juan. I am going to try and make it down this
		Summer/Fall. It is so much more difficult to make it down to the San
		Juan from Colorado Springs rather than Albuquerque. I will look you up
		and try to book a half day trip when I figure out when I will be able to
		come down. If you are ever in the Colorado Springs area please contact
		me. The South Platte is a great place to fish.
		Miguel Colocho

		Hello Andy,
		Again, thanks for the great day we had fishing with you on 5 March.
		Rob and I would like to buy a dozen of your flies.
		John Williamson

		Hi Andy,
		Can you please send us your video.
		Enclosed is a check for it.
		We hope to see you soon.
		 Neal and Ryan Murphy
		P.S. Lane Ochi had a fantastic trip with you.
		He wouldn't shut up for a week after coming back.
		Kept calling me and sending photos.

		Got the photos today, thanks again for the usual great day of fishing.
		Everyone had a terrific time.  Dana and Phil send their thanks as well.
		Hopefuly I can get up there later this year.  Talk to you later.

		Thank you again for the lessons on dry fly fishing on the "Juan". Saturday
		with you was as wonderful learning experience and I am on my way to
		becoming a well-rounded fisherman. Easter Sunday's midge hatch was
		unbelievable...I was in the water by 11am and it starting snowing huge
		flakes moments later a baetis hatch came off and it was difficult for me to
		tell which fly was mine... they weren't sucking down baetis though...they
		were after the midges and your fly (Yong dry) worked so well I caught a
		fish first cast for over an hour...I did exactly what you taught me...find
		your target toss about 2ft. in front and bingo...trout on...just like
		 I'm very grateful that you share your knowledge and experience with
		your clients...I feel we are very fortunate...I've been told that other
		guides have a special supply of flies and that they sell a slightly
		different type of fly so that people cannot obtain the exact
		imitations...not true with you Andy we get the right one...Monday I was on
		the middle flats by 9:30 armed with Yong blond and special I was blind and
		sight fishing... the techniques you taught me so well...3rd cast I hooked a
		18in cutbow and by noon I had caught and released 20 plus fish...It seemed
		that no one had been fishing with your flies on that water for a few
		days...What a morning! To cap the morning off just before I left the
		river...I noticed one of the Osprey's circling  overhead and making
		this shrieking sound and dove about 25-30yards right in front of me...I
		could see his eyes and beak clearly and when he took off it had about a
		15in. trout in is claws what a sight, the birds markings were
		incredible...His flight path flew over my head as I looked up to follow the
		bird small droplets of water hit my hat and face...It was remarkable!
		Talk to you soon CoCo----------
		> Andy look forward to your seminar..As you know I want to learn how to tie
		> good strong knots, adjust my rigging for deeper water and when to change
		> flies..Count me in for the Seminar...Always CoCo

		I would like to thank you for the full-day fishing trip.  You have
		exceptional skills, and a sincere interest in teaching those skills to
		others.  However, it is apparent that I'll never be able to see the trout
		as well you do due to my red/green color deficiency.  I may have to rely
		more on simply reading the surface of the stream and the water's
		interaction with the bottom, e.g., impressions or gravel bars.  That's what
		I do now.   In addition, I attribute the braking of the 6X line so many
		times to my (heavy) 9ft rod.  I'll definitely put that one in the closet,
		except (perhaps) fishing at Lees Ferry where longs floats are suggested.
		PS. Please let me know what I owe.  Don't forget the 3 dozen flies I also
		got.  They were heavily molested on both Saturday and Sunday!  I may have
		lost only two, because I used my lighter 8.5ft rod.   The fishing at the
		Cable Hole on Sunday went very well. Both the dark and cream midges were
		the ticket.   I caught 14 big fish on dries (#20 BWO); the BWO hatch  was
		reasonably heavy from 1:00 to 3:30pm, with at most 1.5 to 2ft between the
		BWOs.    Above the Kiddy hole on Thursday,  the BWO hatch was much denser,
		with about  6 inches between each BWO. DS.

		I just got back from 4 great days on the Green River.  The fishing was
		fantastic.  We caught lots of fish nymph fishing with Yong JR and Yong
		emerger fishing with 2 Yong Specials, and dry fly fishing with BWO
		and comparaduns as well as midge patterns.  I hooked 3 fish on a number 28
		pattern, but didn't land any of them.  They probably would have taken a
		24, but after 40+ fish on a dry fly, I wanted a bit of a challenge.  I saw
		on Sunday, and we fished together for a couple of hours.  I must say I held
		own, but we weren't exactly counting.
		Jerry says you may not come to the Green this year, let me know what your
		are.  I'm hoping to go to the Green in early June.

		Hi.  This is Darren Fujimoto.  My dad told me to email you to tell you
		that your telescope is at the front desk of The Step Back Inn.  Thanks
		for the great trip.  We had a lot of fun.  I hope we can come again.

		Thank you for putting up with us on Saturday.  We all had a great time
		learning what you have to offer.  A lot!  Sunday, I did a lot better
		with practice.  I netted seven, in a half day, with only losing two
		flies.  What a difference new eyes makes on the water, I bought some
		real polarized lenses.
		You would have changed my grade to an A in sight fishing, if you could
		have seen me with Marcus.
		Anyway, Just wanted to say thank your again and I will be keeping in
		You are a wonderful teacher of your "Art",
		Scott Annala   aka "9-fly"

		Hi Andy,
		Thanks for the pics.  My Buddy and I had a great time in spite of the
		weather and plan to come back after the Dam Megaflush.  When is it going
		to start and how long is it going to last?  Got another Buddy that
		REALLY wants to get into Fly Fishing so we are going over beginner's
		gear for him to buy.  This guy was a combat medic in VN, And was a
		conscientious objector (never carried a weapon).  He's gott bigger ones
		than I had.  Till next time.
		Bob in El Paso

		Just a note to thank you for your extra effort to get the flies to us last
		We used them with great success.  Every fish I caught Sat. morning was with
		the "Yong flash".  I tied it on the point with a brown Yong special as the
		top fly.  I only fished the side runs and used your method of sight fishing
		for the big ones that were feeding actively.  It was really great fun.  I
		caught 12 fish in about 4 hours.  None of the fish were in water deeper
		about 10-15".  This is really the only way to fish!
		It was great to have at least a half day without the wind blowing us over.
		Overall, we had a wonderful trip.
		I watched the video the other day and enjoyed it very much.  It reminded me
		of many of the things that you taught us but that had been forgotten.  I
		pass it around to all the guys to see.  Thanks again for the personalized
		Keeping hitting the ball long and straight!
		Your friend, Doc

		Just wanted to put my 2cents worth in. Had a great day with you
		Saturday, thanks for being such a good sport.  All we could talk about
		was how good everything turned out this weekend, and how good of a
		teacher, and fisherman you were. Your flies were great for Sunday I
		heeded your advice and just kept the Special up top, with the Flasher on
		the bottom. I ended up catching 9 fish for just a half day on Sunday,
		not bad for somebody that had not caught that many by myself if you
		added all my trips together. Everybody wanted to know what I was using
		because it was pretty slow for everybody else except Scott. Marcus, and
		me. Once again, I think you are a great teacher and fisherman. It was the
		smartest money I could have spent. I will be back, and I thank you for
		all that you did for us.
		Lee Christmas

		I tried a Yong JR copy on that last trip to the Green (which I saw you
		on the customer letters section of your web page...if I had known you were
		to use it there I would have given you a better promotional piece).  It
		pretty well, but it didn't seem to work quite as well as the original in
		slower water...How can I get some material?  Also, I think Anglers Inn is
		interested in buying some flies, and they want me to bring in some samples?
		you want to send me some samples and/or materials or should I show them the
		one's I've tied?
		Take care,

		Hi Andy!
		Received the flies on Saturday.  We look forward to using them in the High
		Sierras.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures I sent.  It's amazing that four of
		us could catch a fish at one time.  The picture is the proof of how good
		your flies work.  Thanks!

		Dear Andy,
		I would like to thank you for helping all of us in having a wonderful time
		in New Mexico.  Especially Eiichi and George, they have said that they
		really has a great time.  My son Mike and myself would still like to learn
		more of your secrets to fly fishing and hope that some day soon we'll be
		able to return.
		Thanks again.
		Jerry Uchiyama

		Dear Andy
		                                                                    A short
		note to thank you  putting on the fishing seminar last week. It was  an
		outstanding presentation. In fact  it was the most rewarding fishing
		experience I have ever had--bar none!     Tons of info, I'm sure  it's
		going to take me  awhile to fully process.   If any of you out there
		reading this have the opportunity to attend Andy's seminar, do so, it is
		well worth the time and money.
		Dr. Max Forbert

		Hi Andy:  At my request, Bill Bradford brought me back a copy of your
		instructional video when he returned from your seminar last week.  Bill had
		great things to say about the seminar and I only wish I had been able to
		attend - maybe next time!  At any rate, your video is great and it was easy
		to visualize that I was standing in the water with you observing your
		techniques.  I note that you label it "Volume 1" - hope this means there
		more to come!  Have a great time in Colorado and hope to see you on the
		when you return.
		                                         Guy Mangus

		Hi Andy,
		     I went down to the West Branch of the Delaware last night, saw some
		Green Drakes coming off but very picky action seemingly on other flies.
		Tough stuff but I caught 6 so altogether a good night. Plus had the pool to
		myself which always makes me feel better. Couldn't help reflecting, while
		standing in a run, on the SJ trip & it occurred to me that I had not
		written to you since your flies, photos etc turned up. Thank you for all
		that stuff it is treasured.... you single-handedly increased the # of shots
		of me with fish by about 10000%. But it looks too egotistical to put them
		up so I haven't. Also haven't tried the knot yet but hope to have some time
		soon for such things. Trust you are doing well & that the fish are, as ever
		on the SJ, 'biting'.
		     Stay in touch
		     Best wishes,

		Thanks for all your patience in teaching me to catch fish and most of all
		thanks for the Yong Special & Yong JR.
		I owe all my success to you.
		 Your best friend
		   Jerry Richards

		Andy Thank's for the great picture's. Keenan and I are still talking about
		the trip and want to come back very soon. Let me know if you rent equipment
		waders etc, my wife Sherry want's to try her luck (she,s not as nice as I
		am.) Thank's again for the great time! Kevin Tegmeyer E-mail

		Hey Andy!
		Thanks for sending the pictures via Steve Quan!  Eddy and I got a kick
		out of the one with him holding the snake...  especially since he
		doesn't like them.
		We also appreciated learning from you how to catch those fish I used to
		throw rocks at.  I used to consider fishing for them a waste of time
		(fish all morning, catch one or two) in that slow, clear water where
		they can inspect your flies at will.  I also liked your downstream
		delivery techniques, and hope to develop the same casting stroke you
		Will be up at Hot Sulfur Springs next week as you suggested.  Leaving
		tomorrow morning early.  Hope you're having a good vacation.

		Thanks for getting back to me and I will be in touch with Skip.  We had a
		great time with Henry and Mary Street at the vineyard/winery.

		I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but my husband speaks very
		highly of you!!  I am not sure if he told you, but I am 8 months pregnant
		and can't fit into my waders anymore, or I would be headed to the San Juan
		as well!!!!
		If you see Scott, tell him I am thinking of him and wishing him lots of
		"tight lines"!!
		Thank you for all you have done for him!!
		Alicia Annala

		I sure had a great time this past weekend.  Your flies are wonderful.  My
		only proof of the size of trout is your photo you were nice enough to take
		when you were with other clients.  I would like the photo if you could mail
		it to me.
		Thank you again for a wonderful weekend.  I will keep in touch as I do need
		more flies.
		Tight Lines,
		Scott Annala "9-fly"

		My brother and myself recently had the opportunity to fish with Andy
		at the San Juan River. I must admit the first thought that came to mind was
		the twenty-four fish guarantee Andy claims. I personally developed this
		feeling that catching that amount of fish would determine the success of
		hiring Andy as a guide. What a false feeling I developed! Upon my day
		with Andy I quickly realized that the amount of fish we caught really did
		matter. The bottom line was Andy began teaching us how to be fly fishermen.
		As my brother and I skills progressed throughout the day our ability to
		catch fish escalated. We certainly caught our fair share of fish. I will
		certainly book at least one day of fishing with Andy as long as I continue
		travel to the San Juan. I guarantee Andy will teach you how to be a better
		fisherman and probably most importantly to respect and enjoy the beauty of
		the San Juan and all it's habitant. Thanks Andy my brother and I will be
		Paul Diaz

		Hello Andy, thanks for sending the pictures, I have a couple to send
		you  as soon as I have a copy made. Glad to hear you are recovering, did
		you see a doctor or just rest up. The car is fine Brandon did a great
		job if you see him thank him for us.
		Thanks again for a great day we really enjoyed it. Shiela may be hooked
		on fly fishing. I will be in touch when I can plan another trip up
		Are there any nice places to stay if I don't want to camp. Other than

		Hi Andy,
		We are back in Wisconsin (at work...yuk) and just wanted to tell you once
		again what a wonderful time we had on the San Juan.  We got our own
		back and they turned out well also.  The pictures of us with you in the
		parking lot are going to be a good advertisement for your guide service.
		was just the best that it could possible have been.  Our time with you on
		the San Juan will be one of those memories we will treasure for many years
		to come.  We'll look forward to seeing you when we get down that way once
		again.  Happy Fishing!
		Mickey & Carol

		     Ya'Ta'hey (hello in navajo)
		     First of all, just want to thank you for being such a wonderful,
		patient, humorous, informative guide.  I really enjoyed the half day we
		spent on the river.  Now, I just have to majority work on unlearning my
		previous casting and use the method you taught me.  By the way, my arm
		is recovering from fighting the 21 incher you couldn't net. haha Just
		kidding.  Anyway, thanks again.  You can send the photo you took to:
		Hopefully, I will get the chance to fish with you in the future.  Good
		Day....PS. Just want to comment on your flies-they were AWESOME! AND
		Joyce Becenti
		Crownpoint, NM

		Andy, thanks again for a very enjoyable week.  I got home safely and no one
		can believe the pictures!  I'm trying to convince other people to come
		fishing with me next time.  Good luck with the rest of the season.

		Dear Andy,
		Thanks so much for having me at your place for fun of fishing and golf.
		I hope to do it again!
		Fishing the San Juan is truly a unique experience.
		Your guidance on what to do and when made the occasion most fitting.
		Your friendship is important, your positive attitude is great!
		Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
		Baldness has genius, power and magic in it.
		Keep charging, never look back- enjoy your greatness!
		You will become a legend on the San Juan!

		    I just want to write and tell you that my wife and I had a great
		time fishing.  We learned more in the 8 hours of fishing than we had in
		the last 2 years learning to flyfish on our own.  My wife Ellen is so
		amazed at the number of fish she caught and landed with your
		instruction.  I know that we were probably very frustrating to you but
		we learned a lot and had a great time.  To test what we learned we went
		out the next day and I caught 8 fish in 2 hours and Ellen caught 5.   I
		had never caught more than 6 in a 10 hour day at the San Juan and Ellen
		had only ever landed 1 in the last 2 years, so we did learn.   Thanks
		Andy.  We will see you on the river.
		                    Thank you,
		                    Patrick & Ellen Purtill

		Hello Andy, just wanted to let you know we are back home and tell you we
		a great time in spite of the rain. I really appreciate the time you spent
		helping Lucas with his fly fishing. You made quite an impression on him. He
		kept telling me how we were supposed to be fishing the rest of the trip, I
		finally ask him who he thought he was, Andy Kim, and he nodded his head yes
		with a big grin on his face! After we got the flies from you he caught 2
		nice rainbows the next morning, a 16 inch and one pushing 20 inches. I got
		picture of him and he was very proud of himself. He also lost some and so
		I but again we had a wonderful time. We're looking forward to seeing the
		pictures. Don't know when I'll get back up there but I'll be in touch when
		can make another trip. Take care and good fishing. If you decide to move
		guide somewhere else let me know where. Doug Reed & Lucas Bohot

		Thanks for the video tape.
		Very enjoyable and educational.
		The fishing and golf were great!
		Hope to see you this fall, will call when plans finalized.
		Your friend,

		(The next letter was written by 9 years old)
		Dear Andy,
		Thank you for teaching me how to fly fish.
		I can believe I caught 10 fishes.
		I had a lot of fun with you.
		Thank you for taking the time to spend with me.

		I enjoyed talking with you the other day.
		It sounds like you are doing well.
		I appreciate very much your gift of Yong's Flies.
		They are the without a doubt the best fly the San Juan has ever seen.

	    Dear Andy
		Enclosed is a small token of our appreciation of the great time you helped
		us have in our fishing with you last week.
		Since you had run out of room on your waders for fly storage, you may want
		to get a new pair and/ or a couple more fly rods.
		You made our fishing instructional and most enjoyable.
		Thanks so much, Andy, for the fabulous guiding, the extra lunch, dinner,
		pictures, flies and your patience.
		I'll send out the pictures to everyone with a copy of this note.
		We all look forward to fishing with you again soon.
		 Your friend,

		Dear Andy
		Really enjoyed being with you.
		Gene sends his best!
		See you soon,
		The Professor Al

		Hi Andy,
		Hello!  Right now, I am in Alaska for business/pleasure.  I stayed on the
		Kenai Peninsula and fished the Russian River and other creeks feeding Kenai
		Lake.  I had an awesome time catching and releasing many, many, MANY Dolly
		Varden and
		Rainbow trout (avg. 18 inches!!!)  The fish of the day was a football sized
		24 inch Rainbow (about 7 1/2 pounds).  It was an awesome weekend.  Again, I
		must say the Andy Kim style and technique of fly fishing works just as well
		in Alaska as it does on the San Juan.

		Rec'd the pictures today. They are great. Thank You. We enjoyed the day
		you very much. Learned a lot, just need some nice weather so we can
		what you taught. I did get out today. Caught a dozen or so. Started where
		started last week. Caught two on first two casts, just luck I think. Yong
		Special - olive. Nothing on Blondie, but rest of morning was Yong Special,
		cream and olive. Some good emerger fishing in KH before noon - just like
		taught. Getting better with the mending.
		Once again, thanks. Look forward to when we can get out again w/you.

		Just a short note to thank you again for another great time at the San
		Juan.  I can't tell you how much I picked up by just fishing with you
		and Jerry.  That was really nice of you to let Marshall and I fish with
		you and Jerry.  We really enjoyed it.
		I am already looking forward to next year.  I have not seen your video
		yet - perhaps tonight I will be able to do that.  I really hope that it
		works out OK with Jerry.  He is a very nice person.
		I look forward to your visit to your parents house next year.  Both
		Marshall and I really would like to have dinner with you in Korea town.
		Just let me know.  Maybe we could even go after some of those monster
		fish at Piru Creek.
		Take care, Andy.  I hope that you have a profitable rest of 1999 now
		that the flow is down.
		Jeff Schuh
		P.S. - When will our photos appear on the website?

		I just want to tell you how great of a time Mike and I had back in April
		In spite of the wind and hail storm.  You were really the greatest.  I
		appreciate your care and concern for the fishery and the way you take care
		your people.  I tell everyone if they need a guide I know the best.  You
		really helped Mike and he had a great time.  The day after our trip we saw
		you on the river and you came over and helped him land the big fish he
		caught, that was really special, Thanks.
		I have also had the opportunity to show your video to some of my friends
		they can't believe the number of fish and how you catch so many.
		We may come out in October late or early November.  Anyway thanks again and
		know everyday you have tight lines.
		Best regards,
		Ron Hopkins
		Arlington, TX

		Andy -
		Just wanted to write you a short note to thank you for your patience and
		assistance as I learned the basics (and some of the finer points) of fly
		fishing.  Jeff and I had a great time.  We especially appreciated being
		able to go out with you and Jerry to fish socially after our "paid guide
		I also enjoyed your company over dinner and the few lunches we had
		together.  I plan to talk to my friend Dave (who has some fly fishing
		experience) to see about coming to the San Juan again next year.
		Please add me to you e-mail list so that I can receive your regular
		Also, please let Jeff and I know when you're going to be in L.A. next so
		that we can take you out for a bite to eat.
		All the best,

		Hi, Andy!
		How are things on the San Juan? My kids enjoyed fishing with you in July.
		was nice of you to include Leanne. Think she liked it, even though she'll
		never admit it. I heard that my brother-in-law, Joe, had a great time with
		you on his recent trip, too.
		Kelly Kissell

		Andy, my brother Eddy Wong fished with you and Gary Yamaguchi in May.  He
		says he learned a lot.  Is this video a new one or your older one?  Does
		$26 include shipping?
		Terry Wong

		Thanks again for taking us fishing on Friday.  The weather was beautiful
		and the fishing was great!  At 50 fish, we certainly exceeded your 24 fish
		guarantee of a day of fishing  at the San Juan.  I suspect that we caught
		more trout that day than we had in all other fishing excursions over the
		past 10 years.  Both I and the kids learned a lot about nymphing, and we
		gained a lot of confidence.  I also wanted to express my thanks for your
		considerate attention to Tom and Brad.  They benefited greatly from your
		instruction, and I felt very comfortable with your oversight and teaching
		so that I could concentrate on my own casting and catching.  Attached are a
		couple of pictures from our trip.  I hope that yours are a bit better than
		mine, and I anxiously await seeing the prints.
		In anticipation of our next trip to the San Juan, we would like to purchase
		 a copy of your instructional fly fishing video.  There were a lot of
		details that were flying over my head when you said them or showed me, and
		we want to be prepared for the next time by ourselves.  I hope that there
		is also a little section dealing with dry fly fishing as well as nymphing
		some of the deeper streams.  Finally, we  need to purchase some of your
		flies/nymphs.  Can you let me know about that?
		Hank Westrich

		Hello Andy, Wow what a great time lee and I had. How doubles did we have ?(
		We lost count).
		I must say you are the king of the San Juan.
		Not only did we catch allot of fish but we also had allot of laugh's.
		Anyway It's time to stock up on some more "Yong" Special Flies so please
		let me know how to order.
		Tks for a great day! Steve.

		How I ended up fishing with Andy Kim on the San Juan:
		I consider myself a beginner-mediocre fly fisher, but put a lot of days
		in it.  This year (bragging a little bit here) I have been fortunate to
		fish 63 days so far.  I first learned about Andy from a guy named Jerry
		Richards on the Green River at Littlehole.  I had a really bad day on
		the Green late last August, fished for 9 1/2 hours the first day and not
		one strike (compared to last March I averaged 12 fish a day in the same
		stretch of river using Glowbugs and San Juan Worms).  Tried (what I
		thought) hundreds of different fly and was really frustrated. Especially
		when the friends I was fishing with caught an average of 20+ fish for
		the day.  I was having a really hard time nymph fishing in the shallow
		water, when you use your strike indicator as a guide or reference point
		to your fly. My timing was all off.  I could never figure out where
		exactly my fly was in reference to that damn piece of yarn.
		This guy was fishing near us, and I swore he was using worms.  Every
		other cast, if not every cast he would catch a fish. After about every
		5th cast, he would whip his line in the water repeatedly, fiddle with
		his rig (this is where I thought he was stripping the worm off the hook,
		and then putting a little piece of worm back on).  He was too far away
		for my eyes to see what he was fishing with, so it was pure assumption.
		He was dressed in full camo, no waders and never went out in the water
		above his ankles.
		I finally told my friends, that I was walking back to the trailer for a
		much needed cold beer.  While walking down stream, I stopped to fish by
		the rocks just above the boat ramp at Little Hole. This camo guy was
		walking down stream a few minutes later.  I asked him what he was
		fishing with, since I noticed his success near Coney Island.  He showed
		me his rig with the smallest fly that I ever seen.  He said that they
		were called Yong Special Brown and Yong Blue Jr. (pronounced Jay R) in a
		size 20 and 22.  Simple little thread based midges.  It was a double
		rig, with the fly's spaced apart by a foot, and then using #8 sinker
		spaced equally apart between the fly.  Then 2.5 feet above the last fly,
		his striker indicator (1.5 times the water depth). He said go to the
		Conoco at Little Hole and buy some of these Yong Specials.  I shook his
		hand, told him my name and asked what his name was, Jerry Richard's.  I
		asked if the "jr" fly was named after him.  He said, "yes".
		Went back to the trailer, drank my cold beer and my friends showed up.
		They complimented me on my patience and diligence that day.  I told them
		about that camo guy and that we needed to stop by the Conoco in the
		morning to get some of these yong-special fly.  The next morning walking
		out of the gas station, almost 50 dollars poorer, I questioned my
		By pure accident, I saw Jerry in the parking lot that morning and he
		asked if I got the fly.  I showed him the ones that I got.  He said, if
		I did not catch any fish with these, he would buy them all back from
		me.  He gave me some pointers on how to use the strike indicator as a
		reference point and with new found vigor I walked upstream to Coney
		Island.  Pretty soon I was having more success (I'm counting hook-ups as
		well as landings - they still land more fish then me) then my friends
		and had the best day (12 landed fish) fly fishing ever.  My friends
		started "borrowing" some of my fly that I bought.
		On the way back to the trailer, I noticed a magnetic sign on Jerry's
		truck about the website and the name Yong Andy Kim - I
		thought to myself, I am fishing with that guy.
		I called Andy when I got back to Salt Lake and made arrangements to have
		him guide me in October.  I wanted to go sooner, but he was booked
		What I thought would be (according to a 11 hour 42 minute
		drive, and Andy telling me it would take 9 hours to drive from Salt Lake
		to Navajo Dam, I started on my quest and I was on the road by 11:00am.
		While driving through Farmington, NM. going over in my head everything
		that I had packed, (I am always scared that someday I am going to forget
		my boots) I realized that even though I packed my sleeping pad, I forgot
		the sleeping bag.
		The next morning, walked over to the Abes Fly Shop and got some coffee.
		Purchased my fishing license. A gal named Shannon who works at Abes gave
		me some good advice.  She pulled out a little map of the San Juan and
		quickly marked places where I could go fishing.  I drove down to the
		place called Texas Hole.  Put on my gear, looking at the map and picked
		a path.  When I got to the bank of the river, I was at a loss of where
		to go.  This was my first time on the San Juan River and it was all new
		to me. There seemed to be people fishing everywhere and it reminded me
		of fishing on the Lower Provo in Utah.  More of a social event, then fly
		fishing, where you pick a hole and stay there as long as you can, less
		someone else takes your spot. Near the bank, I could see large browns in
		the redds.  Never seeing browns spawn before, I found myself staring at
		them, watching them roll to their sides, clearing a spot for them to lay
		eggs.  The water was so shallow, you would see pairs of fish swimming up
		stream with a portion of their backs exposed.  I came to a spot where
		there were drift boats on the far side and a deep hole between us.  This
		must be the Texas Hole.  I fished there and above it with moderate
		success (8 fish).
		The next day, I met Andy. Not ever hiring a guide before, I asked him
		where his fly rod was. He said, "This is your day".  It was pretty cool
		to have someone setup your entire rig and seeing him put on even smaller
		Yong-special fly (#24's).  I told him about my timing problem with the
		strike indicator.  He position two pieces of foam about 6 inches apart
		so that I would see how my fly was drifting.  My 3rd cast, I landed a
		19.5 inch rainbow - wow. About every other cast and sometimes every
		cast, with Andy's guidance I would hook and land a fish. Not one was a
		foul hook. All were in between 19-20 inches. I did hook (what Andy
		thought) a 23-24 inch rainbow.  While the reel was giving out line, my
		drag on my STH grinned to a halt. I was stripping out line, timing it
		the best that I could.  Finally too much pressure was put on the 6x
		tippet and it was gone.  Luckily and with great superstition, I keep one
		of my first fly reels (a 11 year old Cortland) tucked in a pocket behind
		my vest. I almost forgot I had it and it was diffidently a trip saver.
		After about 4 hours, I was tired.  Andy quickly pointed out to me the
		other guides that was on the river, 3 with clients and 1 without.  Other
		then the guide fishing by himself, he said I had outfished all the
		others.  Me?  I was amazed.  Andy guarantee's that you will catch 24
		fish in a full day or your money back no matter what your skill level
		is. I handed my rod to Andy and said, your turn.  I need a break.  In
		the latter part of the day he taught me emerger fishing at Kitty(?)
		hole, using the same fly, with some floatant on the fly and line and no
		strike indicator.  That was a blast. We fished close to 8:00pm that day.
		The next day, with all the advice swimming in my head from Andy, I
		started fishing the same spot. Looking around, only seeing a guide with
		a husband and wife, I realized I was on my own, but felt pretty
		confident.  My first cast, I caught a big rainbow.  This is when I
		noticed that my net was too small (we used Andy's the day before) and
		only 2/3rds of the fish fit in.  After an hour, I must of caught a dozen
		fish. Then I heard the wife behind me say, "Why can't we catch fish like
		that guy over there?".  I looked over my shoulder and got an angry stare
		from the guide.  I just smiled back at them, and continued to fish.  I
		heard him say in defense that the San Juan is a lot different then it
		use to be.  There was a time when just about any fly would work, but now
		it is so specialized that it's hard to choose the right fly.  Don't
		worry, it will get better in the afternoon.  At that time, I wished a
		had a Andy's Fly Shop patch on the back of my vest.
		I enjoyed his guidance so much, I have booked myself already for next
		month and Jan.  One of the guys that I fish with is going with me in
		November, and all 3 of us are going in January (what a way to start off
		the new year).  The one advantage that I see about Andy, is you get a
		great (if not the best) guide, and a good friend afterwards.  He is the
		most humble down to earth person I have ever met.  His favorite rod is a
		Cabela's Three Forks 3wt rod, wears a beat up pair of Cabela's neoprene
		waders, the front of it covered with 40 or so fly, some with tippet
		still hooked on them. Makes his own foam strike indicators out of 3M
		double sided foam tape and pink wrapping paper.  A far contrast to the
		other guides I saw, who looked like they walked off the page of a Orvis
		or LL Bean catalogue. :)
		In this one trip, I gained more knowledge, then the entire season thus
		far.  I do not have the literary skill to put into words what it feels
		When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, you think it's only a minute.
		But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think it's two hours.
		That's relativity. - Albert Einstein

		Hi Andy,
		My friends (Bill and Barret) and I met you on Saturday and Sunday morning
		the river.   In fact when Bill and I (Dick) arrived at the river Denise was
		battling her 22 1/4" rainbow, the one that seemed to take forever to land.
		Congratulations on a terrific fish.
		After talking with you and watching Denise's success I am sending you an
		order for the Instructional Video.  Thank goodness I only have to pay the
		San Juan River price of $26.00 and not the $39.00 Chicago price that Bill
		would have to pay.
		On my next trip to the river I'll certainly plan on a day or two of guiding
		from you.
		Your website looks good.  I looked at it this evening after dinner.
		Thanks, Dick Dragiewicz

		Hi Andy!
		Just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful fishing weekend.  I've not
		yet gotten to the store to develop my pictures, but I'll send you the best
		the bunch whenever I get it done.  I've not heard a peep from Uncle Al, so
		I'm assuming you guys are hauling in tons of those gorgeous rainbows and he
		is too exhausted to call and goad me, lol.
		I got out my Andy Kim Video and watched it last night...I'm gonna go back
		"slo-mo" as you suggested.  And then I'll hit the swimming pool for some
		casting practice.  That and some fishing glasses will hopefully get me
		for my next trip!  I can't wait.
		 Denise Fuson

		        First thank you for the best day of fly fishing i ever had ..
		not only i learn a lot about how to fly fish right , I can't wait to get
		back up there and catch another 20 plus fish in a half day. Me and Steve
		again wanted to say thanks. I also wanted to get the info on the
		rod you told me about while we were fishing with you . If i need to
		purchase it though you please let me know the price and what ever else i
		need to do to purchase the rod from you .   thanks again Andy  you are
		the man of the San Juan!!!!

		Dear Andy,
		I wanted to thank you again for a great day on the river.  I know Tom and
		Teresa had an equally great day.  I don't think I'll be able to get back
		this month, but I'm working up a schedule for three days in March or April
		with a friend.  I'll let you know as soon as we coordinate our schedules
		here and see how we can work into yours.  Best,
		  Dan Hill, North East, PA
		PS:  You'll be happy (though probably not surprised) that I hooked 8
		steelhead on my home stream using your shallow water/sight fishing
		indicator setup and presentation.  PSS:  I'll be in touch in the not too
		distant future regarding your business plan as well.

		Andy, I am interested in purchasing your video. Please send information
		regarding how this may be done. Also, I would like to hire you for a full
		day trip. Would you send me a few of the dates in the near future that you
		aren't already booked? Perhaps I can arrange a few days off for myself
		around those days that you are available.
		 The reason for my interest? I saw you on the river recently and said to
		myself, "Now there's someone who can really fish!" I am looking to improve
		as a fly fisherman and to learn more about the San Juan river. I hope you
		are enjoying the spectacular weather as of late! I know I sure have been
		loving it! Hope to her from you soon.

		Wanted to thank you again.  I'm the novice who came up Thursday.  You
		were everything I could have imagined in a professional guide and more
		(sense of humor too).  Your flies worked so well and looked so tasty I
		almost (accidentally) swallowed one myself!  What did you shoot that
		afternoon? If you get down to Albuquerque, look me up. I am in
		"striking" distance to the UNM South Course.  You get to keep my golf
		balls if you get a hole in one!  Great web site too!
		 Mike Marek

		Hi Andy,
		Thanks for the instruction. You are a true pro on the San Juan. The
		training on Thursday was very informative. Mike and I fished Friday and
		Mike caught a fish on his own in the kiddie pool and was very happy. He
		wished he still had you at his side to teach him. I fished the area
		above the kiddie pool to the upper flats and sight fished. I caught fish
		in every spot I fished.
		I look forward to hiring you again for more instruction. By the way, of
		the bakers dozen flies you sold me, I only have five left. The trout
		destroyed them! I also couldn't use the tail grasp technique you use for
		holding a fish. They slipped out of my grip. What am I doing wrong? I
		think  should have worn my 1/2 finger gloves
		to get  a better grip. Is that the trick?

		Hi Andy
		    My brother (Dan) and I often talk about our fly fishing trip with you
		this past July. I had the opportunity to fish up in the Sierra's more than
		ever have in the past. Each time I went out I seemed to catch more fish.
		time I remembered more of the techniques you taught us, unfortunately I do
		not remember everything. Unfortunately our fishing season has come to an
		in the Sierra's but now that the season is over I want to refresh myself
		your techniques. I would like to order your video. Please e-mail me the
		ordering procedure or call me at 909-. By the way are you still
		working on your book and if so when will it be available I certainly would
		like to order a copy as well. Well Andy I hope to hear from you soon by
		e-mail or phone. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
		                                        Paul Diaz

		Scott would like to know how to get your
		video, so let us know.  Also just wanted to tell you what a great fishing
		day we had on Saturday with you.  I must tell you that I just nailed them
		Anyway that is due to the time we spent with you on Saturday.  Look forward
		to seeing you again, hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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