Andy Kim's flies are now available to the public!

If urgent call me at (505) 444-0119 from 6:30am to 7:00am or 8:00pm to 10:00pm except on Sunday.

Payment method: personal check or money order
Andy Kim
PO Box 6482
Navajo Dam, NM. 87419

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All my flies can be custom tied for different colors

Andy Kim now sells his flies. These are some of the flies that Andy designed and tied himself. He developed these and other patterns over a period of 20 plus years. In 1993, Andy began marketing the first 7 patterns starting at Flaming Gorge Fly Shop, UT and added four more (Yong Wing, Yong Blondie, IMP Yong Special/ Flash, YKnot) about six years ago. Andy always teaches his customers how to fish with his own flies using his Fly Fishing System.

In Andy's fly-tying seminars, he teaches how to tie all his patterns and discusses how you can design own flies. Designing your own flies adds a whole new dimension to fly fishing. Imitating insects with your own patterns can really bring you closer to nature.

Yong Special

Yong Flasher

Yong OJ

Yong JR

Yong Blood

SanJuan River Package 4 (2 brown 2 cream) 2 (1 brown 1 olive) 2 (1 orange 1 pink) 2 (2 grey) 2 (red) $30.00
Green River Package 4 (3 brown, 1 cream) 2 (2 brown) N/A 4 (3 gray, 1 olive) 2 (red) $30.00
Lee's Ferry Package 4 (3 brown, 1 cream) N/A 3 (2 pink, 1 orange) 3 (gray) 2 (red) $30.00
South Platte River Package 4 (2 brown, 2 cream) 4 (2 brown, 2 dark olive) N/A 2 (gray 2 (red) $30.00
Frying Pan Package 4 (2 brown, 2 cream) 3 (2 brown, 1 dark olive) 2 (1 pink, 1 orange) 2 (gray) 1 (red) $30.00
Big Horn Package 4 (2 brown, 2 cream) 3 (2 brown, 1 dark olive) 1 (1 orange) 1 (gray) 3 (red) $30.00

Flies Sold individually:

($30.00 minimum order, can be combined with above packages)

Cost Sizes Notes

Andy's Candy (Dry Midge)

$5.00 each 18 to 24 Yong Dry
(black or cream for midge adult) year round fly

Andy's Candy (Dry Mayfly)

$5.00 each 18 to 20 (olive or cream for BWO and PMD)-olive color for late March to end of
April and cream for July to Aug

Yong Wing

$5.00 each 18 to 22 (olive or cream for baetis nymph and emerger) -excellent fly for mid March
to first part of May in the Rocky Mountain Region


$7.00 each 16 to 12 Yong JF
(black or brown)- use it for Cicada on the Green in late May to June
or others such as flying ants mating happens on the San Juan early summer.
Or just use it as terrestrials.

Y Ugly

$5.00 each 6 to 10 (elk hair color)-another terrestrial pattern and works good for brown trout or bass

($0.50 per fly for high visibility post indicator)

Improved Yong Flasher $4.00 Each

Improved Yong Special $4.00 Each

Improved Yong Blondie $4.00 Each

Y-knot $5.00 Each

AK-Pro Colored Leader $15.00 Each

~ $5.00 1st class wo tracking number

~ $10.00 1st class w tracking number

~ Urgent - Call or Text Andy at (505) 444-0119

~ NM Residents add tax

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