Andy Kim's Fly Fishing Video is now available!

Trout Strike

Contact Andy to purchase a video for $26.


This instructional video has over an hour of San Juan River footage with Andy Kim. In the video, he demonstrates his best techniques for casting, mending the line, hooking trout, and landing the big ones.

You don't have to go out in a snow storm to practice your fly casting anymore, because Andy's first fly fishing video is now available! I don't normally enjoy watching other people catching fish, especially on a TV. I'd much rather be in the San Juan River myself catching the trout. In fact, I'd rather not even have to watch Andy catch the trout even if I were on the river. I'd still rather catch them myself. But the fact is, though I've probably had more hours fishing with Andy than any of his customers, I still have a lot to learn from him.

Andy is truly a great fly fisherman. He is also a great teacher, thank God, because I needed one. I don't have the time to learn to catch fish on my own. Andy offered to teach me back when he was working a real job in Denver. Before I met Andy, the biggest trout I had ever caught was about 15 inches, well actually - 14 inches. So I felt pretty lucky when Andy showed me where and how to catch those 18-inch trout in Colorado.

Now lots of people are lucky, and can hire Andy for a day or longer on the San Juan River, one of the best American fly fishing rivers I have encountered. The average fish is bigger than my wildest teenage dreams were, and to top it off, Andy even guarantees his customers will hook 24 trout in a day. Oh brother!

When I was in college, Andy and I drove seven hours down to the San Juan and I couldn't believe my eyes. The huge fish were everywhere. Unfortunately, catching them is not as easy. Even if you can hook them, then you have the problem of getting them to the net. In his video, Andy gives instruction on the right methods for catching San Juan trout, from fly selection to netting and releasing the large fish alive in the water.

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